Filmouflage Screening - Bangkok

Jam -

Ended 23 August 2015

A selection of shorts from new filmakers and students in Colombia curated by Filmouflage. Free Screening.

Filmouflage, is a DIY film screening project that supports the exchange of short films and video art between Berlin (where we are based) and other countries. During the last three years, we have mostly supported an exchange with Colombia, receiving hundreds of films under the format of "less than 15 minutes". This year, we've had the opportunity of also connecting with Sweden and Chile and we are happy to be now in Thailand doing our first screening thanks to the support of Jam. 

Our main purpose is to make this artistic, political and cultural exchange a learning process through which a bridge between countries is constructed. 

We are making our best in making a Filmouflage Thailand/South East Asia screening in Berlin possible, which is why we are searching for audiovisual producers that wish to participate in this exchange worldwide. If you are interested in sending us your work. Please contact us at [email protected]



① Semáforo by Simon Wilches - 3´ Animation
Synopsis: Under the three lights of a Colombian 
stoplight a beautiful circus act becomes a terrifying freak show.

② Manuel, un pedazo de felicidad by Rigoberto Mendoza & Nina Marín - 15’
Synopsis: Manuel is very clever and able to face difficult situations caused by adults in his village. This innocent but naughty kid with delusions of an adult man, will be responsible for changing the lives of people from his small village without them noticing it.

③ Los retratos by Ivan D. Gaona 14'
Synopsis: It’s sunday and the farmer market takes place in town where Paulina, the grandmother, wants to find a chicken that she can afford to cook for her husband. She accidentlly wins a Polaroid camera at a raffle and when she returns home she asks her husband to take pictures of their lives and themselves.

④ Juancho el pajarero by Rafael Loayza S. - 16’
Synopsis: Juancho, a farmer’s son, spends most of his days in search of birds although his family disapproves. However, when his father is approached by a wealthy man offering a large sum of money for the capture of the elusive tourpial: Juancho is sent on a hunting adventure that eventually leads him to discover the true value of freedom.

⑤ Everything is going to be alright by Miguel Jara 2’ Animation
Synopsis: There's a place/inside the woods/behind the mountains/beyond the sight/Could you see it?/No, it's yet too dark/but I can hear their sounds/I can hear their whispers/What do they do?/Who are they?!/There's a place/inside the woods/No roof up there?!/What do they want?!/ Why so far?!/Why so near?

⑥ Abelianas by Miguel Jara - 4’ Animation
Synopsis: Abelianas is an animal tractatus of violence, cathastrophe and movement, of trace and color contrast. Abelianas is a tribute to the archetypal image of Abel, Cain's brother, that in such a sense represent observation and the listening of the intern animal call. The sensational experience of the overwhelming wildness of nature.


① Ombligados by Juan Camilo García & Juan Manuel Vasquez - 8’
Synopsis: In Jurubirá, a small fisherman town in the 
colombian pacific coast, there is a ritual which gives the newborns powers through the mystic curation of the belly button. A piece of the baby’s belly button is planted on the roots of a tree and allows the inhabitants of this 
community to keep these magical virtues for life as well as a deep conection with their territory. This is a short documentary which celebrates the proudness and the feeling of belonging to the territory from the obligor tradition.

② Soy negra, soy marica y soy puta by Cas van der Pas & Hugo Meijer - 21’
Synopsis: A courageous transwoman in Colombia 
combines prostitution, human rights activism and her career as a lawyer to change the world around her into a better one.

③ La Ruta Natural by Andres Huertas 
2’ Animation
Synopsis: Animation about children‘s path in Colombia and how they are lead to participate in the war.

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41 Soi Rong Nam Kang (Charoen Rat Soi 1), Sathorn - Surasak BTS Exit 2, Bangkok, Thailand 10120

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41 Soi Rong Nam Kang (Charoen Rat Soi 1), Sathorn - Surasak BTS Exit 2, Bangkok, Thailand 10120

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