Thailand Startup Summit (TSS) 2017 (2nd Edition)

Rembrandt Hotel & Towers -

Ended 31 March 2017
Rembrandt Hotel & Towers

Thailand Startup Summit (TSS) 2017(2nd Edition)

A Showcase of Thailand's best Startups!We bring you Thailand's best Startups on Stage!

Join us at Rembrandt Hotel Bangkok (Sukhumvit soi 18) on Friday 31 March 2017, from 8.30am, for a full day of Keynotes and Panels from Thailand best Startups, VCs and Investors, a Startup Exhibition, a Startup Pitch Competition and a Networking Evening with all the most dynamic people of the Tech Industry!

Meet the Founders and Co-Founders, learn about the best Startup ideas, find out who has been funded and why, and network with the Tech community.

Visit the Startup Exhibition: New and existing Startups will showcase their Products and Services in the Exhibition Room (8.30am - 5pm).

Enjoy our Netwoking Evening (6pm onwards) with a startup competition, a jury composed of some of the most famous VCs in the region, and up to 500 professionals from the Tech industry! And of course some drinks, food and music!

Please note: All talks are in English.


(More speakers will be announced soon)

• 12GO ASIA: Alex Abolmasov, CEO & Founder
• 2C2P: Aung Kyaw Moe, Founder & Group CEO
• aCOMMERCE: Sukhumarn (Benz) Lertpanyaroj, Brand Solutions Design Director
• AIRBNB: Robin Kwok, APAC Business Operations & Strategy
• CHILINDO: Caspar Bo Jensen, Founder & CEO
• COOKIT: Varisara Tantrativud, Co-Founder
• DREAMAKER: Aekkasit Diewwanit, CEO & Co-Founder
• EATIGO: Michael Cluzel, Co-Founder & Group CEO
• EVENT POP: Max Bodhisuwan, Founder
• EVEREX: Alexi Lane, CEO and Founder
• GARENA: Supphavit Hongamornsin, AirPay Country Product Manager
• GLOBISH: Takarn Ananthothai (Troy), Co-Founder and CEO
• iPRICE GROUP: David Chmelar, Co-Founder & CEO
• KINKAO: Sam Coizet, Co-Founder
• LALAMOVE THAILAND: Santit Jirawongkraisorn, Co-Founder & Managing Director
• POMELO FASHION: David Jou, CEO & Founder
• RINGMD: Justin Fulcher, Founder and CEO
• SENDIT (Ascend Group): Mark Cleaver, CEO & Founder
• SKILLLANE: Titipong Pisitwuttinan, Co-founder & CEO
• TICKET BOX: Mike Tran, Founder & CEO
• ZILINGO: Ankiti Bose, Co-founder & CEO
• ZIP EVENT: Jay Denskoon, CEO & Co-Founder
• ANTHEM ASIA: Genevieve Heng, Co-Founder and Director
• B CAPITAL: David Ng, Principal
• B CAPITAL: Pauline Andriejanssen, Investor
• CAPTII VENTURES: Saikit Ng, Executive Director
• COCOON CAPITAL: Monthida McCoole, Investment Partner
• DMP: Dmitry Levit, General Partner
• GOLDEN GATE VENTURES: Jeffrey Paine, Managing Partner
• GREE Ventures: Albert Shyy, Principal
• IFC WORLD BANK: Pravan Malhotra, Venture Capital
• IMJ INVESTMENT PARTNERS: Yasuhiro Seo, Partner
• INNOVEN CAPITAL: Ben Cheah, Associate Director
• JCMVC: Speaker TBC
• KK FUND: Koichi Sato, General Partner
• LIFE SREDA: Igor Pesin, Partner / Investment Director
• MONK HILL'S VENTURES: Justin Nguyen, Operating Advisor
• NSI VENTURES: Anvesh Ramineni, Vice President
• PARTECH VENTURES: Nicolas El Baze, General Partner
• SBI VEN CAPITAL: Parapiboon Potay, Vice President
• TINKBIG VENTURES: Andrew Tan, Managing Partner
• VENTURRA CAPITAL: Tee Suraphongchai, Partner
• VERTEX VENTURES: Carmen Yuen, Senior Executive Director
• VICKERS VENTURE: Jeff Chi, Managing Director
• AMADEUS: Matt James, Senior Manager Corporate Strategy and Business Development
• KASIKORNBANK: Teeranun Srihong, President KASIKORNBANK & Chairman of KBTG
• MAKERSPACE: Nati Sang, Chairman and Founder
• MOZILLA (Firefox): Dietrich Ayala, Technical Evangelist
• 500 TRENDS: Marcos Ferrer, Founder
• AIP GLOBAL: Simon Osborne, Group Managing Director
• DAVID SHELTERS: David Shelters, Author and Startup Advisor
• ED TECH ASIA: Mike Michalec, MD
• REIGN DESIGN: Matt Mayer, Founder
• SANUK GAMES: Yan Marchal, Founder
• TOPICA: Bobby Liu, Senior Director
• WEBJUNTO: Jedidiah Weller, Co-Founder
• F-CODE: Yuichi Shimada, Managing Director
• LUKKY: Speaker to be announced soon
• PARKER BRIDGE: Speaker to be announced soon


Please note: All talks and panels are in English.

09:00 17:00 Conference and Exhibition
18:00 19:30 Startup Pitch Contest: 10 Startups – 10 Slides – 5 Minutes Each
19:30 21:00 Drinks and Networking with Startups and VCs
21:00 21:10 Startup Pitch Results: Winner Announcement
21:10 21:15 Lucky Draw
21:15 LATE After Party!

08:00 08:50 REGISTRATIONS: Registrations
08:50 09:00 WELCOME: Welcome Remarks by Bart, Founder at Bangkok Entrepreneurs
09:00 09:10 Keynote: Technology
09:10 09:40 Keynote: Travel: "Live like a Local, Eat like a Local, Stay like a Local" - Airbnb
09:40 10:00 PANEL: Travel Panel: The trends of "TravelTech": Amadeus (Corporate), JetRadar (Startup), DMP
(VC), Moderator: Nicha Suebwonglee.
10:00 10:05 Keynote: Sponsor Talk by F-Code
10:05 10:25 Keynote: Technology: From People Transportation to Goods Delivery
10:25 10:45 PANEL: Logistics Panel: Thailand Market: "Challenges and Opportunities": Lalamove (Startup), Sendit (Startup), Cocoon Capital (VC), Moderator: TBC.
10:45 11:05 PANEL: Fintech Panel: “Future of Payment: Social Network Commerce and Payment”: 2C2P (Startup), Bank - TBC, Life Sreda (VC), Moderator: TBC.
11:20 11:40 KEYNOTE: "Touching the Future: Merging the Physical and Digital for Creative Experiences on the Web" by Dietrich Ayala, Technical Evangelist at Mozilla (Firefox)
11:40 12:00 KEYNOTE: Healthcare: Overview of the Thai Market
12:00 12:20 PANEL: Healthcare Startup Opportunities in Thailand: Medical Departures (Startup), RingMD (Startup), Vickers Ventures (VC), Moderator: TBC
12:20 12:40 KEYNOTE: F&B: From 5-star Hotel Chef to Healthy Food Delivery Startup Founder
12:40 13:00 PANEL: FoodTech Panel: “Expanding Market or Concentration?”: Eatigo (Startup), Cookit (Startup), Kinkao (Startup), VC: TBC, Moderator: TBC
13:00 13:30 BREAK - LUNCH BREAK
13:30 13:50 KEYNOTE: eCommerce versus Traditional Commerce
13:50 14:10 PANEL: eCommerce Panel: "Raising Millions in eCommerce": Zilingo (Startup), Pomelo (Startup), WearYouWant
(Startup), iPrice Group (Startup), GREE Ventures (VC), Fenox Venture Capital (VC), Moderator: TBC
14:10 14:40 KEYNOTE: Technology Talk
14:40 15:00 KEYNOTE: Mobile First, Mobile Only
15:00 15:20 PANEL: "Mobile First" Panel: Eko (Tartups), Golden Gate Ventures (VC), SeedPlus (VC), Moderator: Matt Mayer, Reign Design
15:40 16:00 KEYNOTE: Education Speaker TBC
16:00 16:20 PANEL: EdTech Panel: SkillLane (Startup), Partech Ventures (VC), Moderator: TBC.
16:20 16:40 PANEL: Insurance Tech: NSI Ventures (VC), Moderator: TBC.
16:40 17:00 PANEL: Entertainment: "Selling Tickets online" Panel: EventPop (Startup), ZipEvent (Startup), Ticket Box (Startup), 12GO Asia (Startup), KK Fund (VC), Moderator: TBC.
17:00 17:10 CLOSING: Closing Remarks by Bart, Founder at Bangkok Entrepreneurs
18:00 18:30 EVENING: Startup Pitch Contest: Jury Presentation: 1) Vertex Ventures, 2) Partech Ventures, 3) TinkBig Ventures, 4) Vickers Ventures, 5) GREE Ventures, 6) KK Fund, 7) SeedPlus, 8) Cocoon Capital, 9) LifeSreda, 10) Golden Gate Ventures, 11) NSI Ventures, 12) Fenox Venture Capital. More to come.
18:30 19:30 EVENING: Startup Pitch Contest: 10 Startups – 10 Slides – 5 Minutes Each
19:30 21:00 EVENING: Open Bar (TBC) - Networking Evening with Startups and VCs.
21:00 21:10 EVENING: Pitch Results: Winner Annoucement
21:10 21:15 EVENING: Lucky Draw
21:15 Late EVENING: Networking Evening with Startups and VCs

*Please note: We reserve the right to replace the speakers or modify the schedule of this event at any time depending on the speakers’ availability at the time of the event. 


30 Booths (different sizes and locations) are available in the pre-function room and coffee break area.

If you want to exhibit your products or services, or promote your Startup, please contact us now!


Pitch your company or startup in front of a jury of 15 to 20 REGIONAL VCs!

JURY (VCs confirmed so far): 1) Vertex Ventures, 2) Partech Ventures, 3) TinkBig Ventures, 4) Vickers Ventures, 5) GREE Ventures, 6) SeedPlus, 7) Cocoon Capital, 8) LifeSreda, 9) Golden Gate Ventures, 10) NSI Ventures, 11) Fenox Venture Capital.

If you want to join our Startup Pitch Competition and get an opportunity to pitch in front of a panel of VCs, please contact us now!


Network and Party with Startups and VCs!

The networking evening will take place at the same venue (Rembrandt Hotel), from 6pm tilll late. It starts with the Startup Pitch Competition and then the Networking session.

The all-day tickets all include the Networking and Afterparty.
However separate tickets are also available for the evening only (6pm till late: 890 baht).


Expect to meet all the successful startup founders in Bangkok, but also everyone from the Tech Industry, Startups Employees, SMEs, VCs, Investors, IT Crowd, Digital Marketing, Geeks, and Corporate: Finance, Industry, Retail, etc.

Thailand Startup Summit 2016 was attendeed by 600+ visitors. We expect more attendees in 2017!

Hurry up! Limited Seats!

Don't wait, buy your "Early Bird" tickets now! Click on "Tickets" at the top of the screen and follow the instructions.

Please note:
- If you are the founder or the employee of a bootstrapping startup (= a startup that hasn't raised money yet), we have a special '500 baht ticket' offer for you. Please contact us now!
- Want to pay by cash or bank transfer? Please contact us now!
- Want to buy more than 10 tickets and get a discount? Please contact us now!

About Thailand Startup Summit 2017:

Thailand Startup Summit 2017 is an exclusive event organized by the team at Bangkok Entrepreneurs Co Ltd,

We organize several Networking Events and Tech Conferences including Thailand Startup Summit, Thailand eCommerce Summit, Thailand Mobile Summit and Digital 16.


hello (at) bangkok-entrepreneurs dot com

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Rembrandt Hotel & Towers

19 sukhumvit road soi 18, Bangkok, Thailand 10110

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+66 2 261 7100
Rembrandt Hotel & Towers
Rembrandt Hotel & Towers

19 sukhumvit road soi 18, Bangkok, Thailand 10110

View venue profile - Go to venue Website

+66 2 261 7100

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