Bangkok Noi World Music Festival

The Overstay -

Ended 03 September 2016
The Overstay

Come out for a big night of Original music, live performances and experiments.

World Music Festival at The Overstay. 

The Overstay is a multicultural hub with new people (and therefor new cultures) coming every day. Being around such variety of people led us to fall in love with music from around the world and find out that there is really a lot more to life than rock and roll or hip hop. Thousands of tribes and countries through history have expressed themselves through music and these traditions survive in forms of recordings and stubborn artists who keep playing these forgotten beats. 

Line up 

YAAN ญาณ (Thailand) is heteroclite mix-bag of extremely talented musicians and creative souls. From Sitar to Khaen, percussion and bass, these world music fanatics will give you space to think and rhythm to move.

Juan Tepuii (Venezuela) has been involved with music since his childhood, playing guitar and studying harmony, then he went to Bristol, England to study electronic music production at Bath Spa University College, afterwards Juan Tepui went back to South America looking for natural inspiration and spent years working with shamans playing music for ayahuasca sessions, then he began his passion for learning the ancient ways of using music with healing purposes, he went to study Bansuri with Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia and others master of Indian Classical music. Nowadays, he is composing music combining all his influences to create a unique style. 

Amatuti dub drawing space - KOTA TAKI (Japan) is an ultra-experienced guitarist and loop machine performer. A psychedelic experience unto himself Kota is also a great session musician who brings bands to new places.
Valary (India) a talented dance performer and Latin queen, together with her partner, are looking to introduce her original dance moves to the audience and invite them to join. 

Yuval (Israel – France) the “Overstay guy” has recently found that sometimes to get the job done you have got to do it yourself and embarked on a journey of selecting tunes from around the world. Flying through Cumbia to Molarm with random stops into Balkan or West African territories. This uncharted music will surely bring heavy beats to the night.

Visual artists

Hannah Theodorou Art (UK) is gonna create a live art piece on the roof top, incorporating the world music concept of the night on an extra big canvas. 

Sweed from Ayuyaan (Thailand) will be bringing out the spirit animal in us by adding a thick (and slurpy) layer of body painting to the event. 

Latin and southamarica dance proformance by the amazing Vallary

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The Overstay

Located next to the 7/11 at on the corner of Charan Sanit Wong 40 (In Thai “Charan Sanit Wong See-Sip”)

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66 28834836
The Overstay
The Overstay

Located next to the 7/11 at on the corner of Charan Sanit Wong 40 (In Thai “Charan Sanit Wong See-Sip”)

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66 28834836

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