News and reviews from Sam Sherwood-Hale

March 13 - Read

The Vagina Monologues at Checkinn 99

Inspired by Eve Ensler's interviews with hundreds of women throughout the 90s, 'The Vagina Monologues' tells the most intimate, engaging, heartbreaking, and enraging stories of women from all over the world.

March 07 - Read

TIPP Convention

This weekend through to Monday the Support Arts And Crafts centre(SACICT) is hosting the Thai International Porcelain Painting Convention. Artists from all over the world have come to show off their unique take on porcelain painting.

February 18 - Read

Burger van in Soi Ari square

Tucked away behind the frenetic cluster of fruit stalls, pop-up clothes stores, motorcycle taxis, and Tuk Tuks, there lies a small square that until now held nothing more than trees surrounded by coffee shops and restaurants that circle round the edge of the square. But artisan burger vans have started multiplying across the city, and just two months ago Paper Butter popped up inside this little square.

January 12 - Read

Thailand International Porcelain Painting Convention 2015 (TIPP 2015)

Back for a second year, The Thailand International Porcelain Painting Convention starts on March 6th and lasts for three days. Hosted by The Support Arts and Crafts centre in Bangsai and featuring artists coming from all over the world to compete.

November 22 - Read

Jazz Happens!

Down the popular Phra Athit road, student jazz is alive and well at Jazz Happens! Each night an eclectic mix of local Bangkok jazz bands cut their teeth

August 22 - Read

The Comedy Club Bangkok

On September 12th an English speaking Comedy Club opens in Bangkok.

August 05 - Read

Sala Sudasiri Sobha - Classical music in Bangkok

Sala Sudasiri Sobha is the premier venue for classical music in Bangkok. Tucked away in a quiet street next to Lad Phrao, this Europeon style building is a relaxing place to spend an evening one weekend.

July 07 - Read

Taste of Thailand - Food Tour

At the very agreeable time of 10am the group meets on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, the very excited and friendly guide, Puu, requests a little introduction from each member of the tour. Typically only 5-8 people so you won't have many names to remember.

June 23 - Read

La Fête - A celebration of food, dance and music

The similarities between France and Thailand may not be so obvious on the surface, but the two societies do share a joint love for food, dance and music and La Fête is a celebration of these similarities.

May 27 - Read

Railway Park (Rot Fai) and it’s public sports facilities

Hidden away in the less frequented north of the city, the 'Railway Park' is just over the road from the more famous Chatuchack park.