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August 08 - Read

Win Tickets to THE PRODIGY LIVE!

We are giving away 4 tickets to see The Prodigy & More Live, next Tuesday (August 11)!

August 07 - Read

Things to do in Bangkok 7-11 August 2015

This month promises to be one of the most exciting this year for live concerts and performances, with a host of international acts taking to the stage. In cinema, Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation and Fantastic Four come to the big screens.

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July 29 - Read

Things to do in Bangkok 29 July - 2 August 2015

This weekend is sure to be long and relaxing as Thailand welcomes Asanha Bucha Day on Thursday - the commemoration of Buddha’s first sermon after attaining enlightenment (and the founding of monkhood) - and Khao Phansa on Friday - the first day of a three-month period of Buddhist Lent, also referred to as a “rain retreat” for monks. Expect businesses to close early on Thursday and Friday, temples will be busy, and alcohol sales may also be interrupted.

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July 24 - Read

Things to do in Bangkok 24-26 July

Ant Man and Minions continue leading the way in the cinemas this weekend with Magic Mike XXL now off of the independent screens. New Hollywood releases this week include South Paw (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Ted 2 (Mark Wahlberg). The buzz on the streets is the possibility that alcohol may soon become even more restricted in Bangkok. If the law goes through, sales will be limited to only businesses maintaining a 300 meter distance from certain school zones, which basically covers most of downtown Bangkok. Registered hotels and government-designated entertainment zones will supposedly be exempt.

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July 16 - Read

Things to do in Bangkok 17-19 July

If you’re trying to find what’s on in Bangkok this weekend, consider some outdoor activities since Thailand is experiencing one of the worst droughts on record. No need to bring an umbrella. If it does break, head to the cinemas for the the the new Hollywood film, Ant Man. We know it sounds ridiculous, but the ratings have far exceeded expectations.

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July 10 - Read

What’s On in Bangkok 10-12 July

Cinemas are still hot, and Sunn is back for another monthly, nightlife event in RCA! This month also brings more international acts from US, Korea, and more. The upcoming band to watch is The Prodigy, coming 11 August to BITEC.

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July 06 - Read

Panorama: A Brazilian and Japanese twist on the classic seafood buffet

If you enjoy hotel buffets, fresh seafood and chimichurri sauce, check out Panorama's Samba San.

July 05 - Read

Black Amber Social Club

At Black Amber, you can have a tasty meal, drink special malt whiskey, smoke cigars, socialize and on the weekends listen to live jazz music.

July 04 - Read

Little Beast

The iron beast that growls at the entrance depicts a typical terrier guarding his territory, a complete contrast to the warm, friendly atmosphere within. Cropping out from a side street of Thong Lor 13, Little Beast is an intimate, edgy bar and restaurant with dark paneling and leather padded walls to match the mood.

July 03 - Read

What’s On in Bangkok 3-5 July

Among other highlights this weekend, look out for some lively 4th of July parties (American Independence Day). The occasion always promises to bring Americans out in force, along with their BBQ favorites! Fireworks?

June 25 - Read

What’s On in Bangkok 26-28 June

The new Sunn event last week was a sellout event, and there is plenty lined up this week to see and do in Bangkok. Here are our recommendations for the upcoming weekend:

June 22 - Read

Zaks Wine Pub

If you are walking down the sidewalk of Sukhumvit Soi 11, and if you are enticed by the friendly receptionist and the spacious, tiered porch that leads to the main entrance of Zak's Pub, follow your gut feeling and go in. You will have great food, drinks and the right setting you need to rest your tired feet and relax for a while.

June 18 - Read

19-21 June in Bangkok

This month has seen some great international music acts with Wankelmut at KU DÉ TA, and the Road to Ultra at BITEC. The art scene is growing in strength, and Hollywood has continued stealing headlines with Jurassic World setting the new opening-weekend record.

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June 08 - Read

No Idea Gastropub

When a colleague asked me to fill in for her to review a restaurant I had never heard of, No Idea Gastropub, I figured, "why not"? What I found was a surprisingly intimate and warm restaurant which provided a beautiful setting to enjoy unique, fresh food.

May 21 - Read

Mrs. Munch: Healthy Homemade Snacks

As a restaurant reviewer, I eat out all the time and sometimes it’s hard to find a healthy snack to hold me until my next big meal. Luckily, I’ve found a new snack that is healthy and delicious, and keeps me full until it is time to dine.

April 12 - Read

The Smokin' Pug

Behind its fancy facade, this restaurant is truly welcoming and authentic. A young couple from Chicago recently opened this smoke house hoping to offer the authentic taste of real smoked meat to Bangkok food lovers. And they are doing great!