News and reviews from Hana Burkly

July 11 - Read

SpiceRoads Cycle Tours: Bangkok Jungle

Whether you’ve been living in Bangkok for a year or are visiting for a week, SpiceRoads Cycle Tours offers a unique opportunity to see Bangkok, guided by an English-speaking Thai native.

June 28 - Read

JIRO Raw Bar & Grill

If you’re in the Sukhumvit area, you might consider peeking your head into Jiro Sushi Bar, located on the second floor of the Manhattan Hotel on Soi 15. They could sure use the company.

June 24 - Read

Maverick Bar & Restaurant

Maverick offers exquisite French cuisine whose quality of food and service is not easily matched by any other French restaurant in the area. The ambiance is sensual and lively at the same time; diners can sit across from each other at intimate tables for two, or around the open kitchen where the chefs produce plate after steaming plate of classic French delicacies. The chefs, bartenders and the rest of the staff are professional, making this French restaurant a popular spot for date nights and large group dinners alike.

June 16 - Read


There’s some sort of magic at Hemingway’s. Maybe it’s the fairy lights that twinkle at dusk among the leaves of the surrounding trees, or maybe it’s the fact that it’s hidden away like a secret garden. Whatever it is, dinner at Hemingway’s has a way of bewitching its guests, leaving a strong impression and a desire to go back again.

June 15 - Read

Ginger Restaurant at the Centara Grand Hotel

The name befits the dining experience - with the exception of the desserts, this buffet is almost entirely seafood.

June 12 - Read

Lenzi Tuscan Kitchen

Resembling a two-story Tuscan-style home with its tiled roof and stucco walls, Lenzi Tuscan Kitchen looks like it was plucked out of an Italian village. Located on a sub-soi off of Ruam Rudee Road, the area is quiet and feels almost suburban. Dining here, one could easily imagine being in Italy -- even with the 70’s jazz music playing in the background -- because the food, the chef and the hospitality are distinctly Italian.

June 11 - Read

Bourbon Street Oyster Bar & Restaurant

First opened in September of 1986, Bourbon St Restaurant and Oyster Bar was one of the only restaurants in Bangkok to offer Cajun/Creole cuisine. Aside from its Cajun/Creole dishes, Bourbon St also offers Mexican food (every Tuesday there is an all-you-can-eat Mexican buffet for 350++ THB) and classic American favorites.

June 10 - Read

Nest Rooftop Lounge

Affordable, as rooftop bars go, Nest is a great place to kick-off the night. Drinks flow in abundance, live DJs are present every night, and it’s right in the heart of Sukhumvit Soi 11, one of Bangkok’s best party streets.

June 09 - Read

Méjico: Not Your Typical "Tex Mex" Restaurant

Far from the queso-slinging “Tex Mex” that many think of when they hear the words, “Mexican food,” Méjico Bar and Restaurant instead features sophisticated, modern dishes from all over Mexico, from Baja California to Oaxaca.

June 07 - Read


Everyone needs a change of pace once in a while, a creative outlet. Paintbar provides just that -- a chance to channel your energy into a piece of art. While sitting in the studio at Paintbar with a brush in one hand and a glass of Prosecco in the other, it is easy to imagine that you are an art student studying post-impressionism in Europe, or a painter who has just been commissioned to create a first piece.

June 06 - Read

Dexter Cafe & Bar

Dexter’s vibe is that of a young intellectual, while also being vaguely hipster; it is populated mostly by beatniks sporting satchels and briefcases. More than half of the people have their smartphones or laptops out. A group of young men sits at a corner table, talking to each other cordially while simultaneously scrolling through their newsfeeds. One of them wears sunglasses, even though they are indoors. In the background, 80’s and 90’s pop music plays from the speakers. The quotes from upstairs extend here, as well, adding to the “free-spirit” decor.

June 06 - Read

Perception Blind Massage

“The eyes are useless when the mind is blind,” reads a quote framed on the wall at Perception Blind Massage. Inspirational quotes like this one invite clients to challenge conventional definitions of “sight” and open their minds to the idea that vision can mean different things. The masseuses here may be blind, but they can still “see” with their hands.

June 04 - Read

Flava Restaurant and Bar

In the lobby in front of Flava, a suggestive painting of a pair of red lips biting down on a plump cherry takes up one wall. Upon entering the restaurant and bar itself, one is greeted by a pink leopard statue and bright, checkered columns. Beads hang from the ceiling. It's all quite unusual, but surprisingly, it works somehow.

June 03 - Read

El Gaucho Argentinian Steakhouse

How do you cook a perfect medium-rare steak? That’s a good question to ask the chefs at El Gaucho, who seem to have mastered the art. Of course, to cook a good steak you need top quality beef, and El Gaucho uses the highest quality imported meats money can buy.

June 02 - Read

Up & Above International Buffet at the Okura Prestige

As I take a sip from my glass of Perrier, the Bangkok skyline shimmers behind tiny bubbles. I am sitting in the lounge at the Okura Prestige, waiting for the hostess to show me to my seat at Up&Above’s international lunch buffet. Twenty-four stories high, with a 360-degree view of the city skyline, the view is dazzling, even in the daytime.