News and reviews from Becky Horace

June 25 - Read

Café Riviera: From the shores of the French Riviera to the busy streets of Bangkok

Café Riviera on Sukhumvit Soi 23 is the first of its kind in Bangkok specializing in cuisine you would find along the magnificent Cote D’Azur. With its Mediterranean flair, well priced menu, and charming staff you will feel as if you were sitting in a little café in Nice along the shoreline enjoying the sound of waves lapping upon the rocky beach below.

May 21 - Read

Deli-Q: The latest food truck on the scene

Have you ever had an out of the blue craving for delicious southern BBQ or a juicy deli sandwich? Look no further than Bangkok’s up and coming food truck Deli-Q.

December 01 - Read

Vesper: Step back in time for a fine cocktail

Vesper is the place you will want to go for a drink, but this is not your average drinking establishment. Here you will enjoy a handcrafted bar menu with options like you have never seen before, pair that with a delicious dinner menu and you will feel as if you have been transported to another time; a time of espionage, intrigue, and beauty.

November 28 - Read

Taberna Jamon Jamon: Spanish tapas and hospitality at its finest

Where in Bangkok can you have a relaxed evening with friends while you enjoy fruity sangria and imported meats and cheese from Spain prefaced with a big hug and kisses on the cheek to welcome you? Only at Taberna Jamon Jamon on Soi 20.

November 25 - Read

Liu: Authentic Hong Kong and Cantonese Cuisine

Have a craving for authentic Cantonese food but you aren’t planning to make the trip to China anytime soon? The Conrad in Phloen Chit has you covered with Liu.

November 06 - Read

Wine Depot: A one stop shop for good wine and a good time

Off of Sukhumvit Soi 22, directly across the street from The Queens Imperial Hotel is a new hot spot where you can enjoy imported wines and tapas at a very affordable price.

October 31 - Read

Fortune Cookie: Authentic American style Chinese food has arrived to your front door

Tonight try something completely new and exciting for dinner, order delivery from Fortune Cookie to experience authentic Chinese-American cuisine; your taste buds will thank you.

October 29 - Read

The U.S. Steakhouse: The most affordable and best tasting steak in Bangkok

Just a few weeks ago, The U.S. Steakhouse, off of Sukhumvit Soi 16, fired up the grill to bring Certified U.S. Angus Beef to Bangkok and I am so glad they did!

October 28 - Read

Elysian Tea House: Bringing the elegant tea experience to Bangkok

Nestled on Sukhumvit Soi 49/1 is a little tea house that has brought the art and sophistication of the tea drinking experience to locals and expats alike for the past year.

October 21 - Read

Faces of the Big Mango: Chef Autumn Maddox McTaggart

Meet Bangkok’s newest up and coming master of the culinary arts; Chef Autumn.

October 15 - Read

The Gardens at Dinsor Palace: Bangkok’s Secret Garden

Nestled in between Sukhumvit Soi 59 and 61 lies a secret garden but because we are friends and I am not very good at keeping secrets I must share it with you.

October 01 - Read

KidZania: Redefining the way kids learn through play

Studies have found that children learn best when they are having fun. Siam Paragon is home to KidZania, a worldwide phenomenon, which has brought their interactive learning experience to Bangkok; one that local, expat, and children tourists will love.

September 23 - Read

Cinema Winehouse: The perfect laid back night out

If you are a movie buff or really just a lover of vino, head over to Samsen Road to spend an evening with Lily and Shanik at Cinema Winehouse.

September 17 - Read

Escape Hunt: A murder has occurred in the City of Angels

After years of dating or marriage, the usual dinner and drinks date night can seem tired. Spice up date night by solving a murder mystery in Asoke.

September 12 - Read

Safari World: Kids can sharpen their photography skills while studying foreign exotic animals

If you are one who enjoys exotic animals but do not necessarily have the time or funds to go on an actual photo safari then you are going to love Safari World with their wide open spaces of the Safari Park that you can ride or drive through.

September 09 - Read

Jim Thompson House: Secret agents, horoscopes, and Thai silk

Looking to be a tourist in your own town? Make a trip to the Jim Thompson House and Museum, where you will hear the story of an American entrepreneur who revived the Thai silk industry.