For vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike, this is the place to go if you like a unique buffet-style Indian dining.

Imagine a food experience like no other – an Indian food buffet but with a twist. That is what you will find at The Great Kabab Factory, located a few 100 meters down Sukhumvit Soi 2 at the lobby of Majestic Grande Hotel.

TGKF serves over 450 different types of kababs and their menu changes every day

Here’s what happens at this exceptional restaurant. You pay a fixed price of about THB 1,100++ (excluding drinks) and simply sit at your table after being greeted by highly professional and friendly staff. You will also notice the kitchen and grillroom at the back just as you enter.

Here’s where it gets interesting. After sitting, you don’t have to do anything. Unlike other buffet-style meals where you have to move around to get your food, at TGKF, the food comes to you!

One by one a host of waiters will bring in a unique selection of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, mouth-watering kababs. The journey begins with six varieties of Kababs served one after the other, starting with their signature – Galaut, which is a soft round mutton kabab that simply melts in your mouth. The waiters actually describe each dish and also recommend what kind of chutney (sauce) and condiments go well it as if they were pairing a glass of wine with steak.

It’s fascinating to know that TGKF serves over 450 different types of kababs and their menu changes every day.

After completing the so-called kabab starters, it’s time for the main course. Chances are that you are already full from the kababs but don’t let that discourage you because the main course features their signature Biryani (Indian-style rice), a curry selection, two kinds of lentils and an assortment of Indian breads (Naans).

Finally after stuffing all that savory food, it’s time for dessert. A dish that was really memorable is the Paan Kulfi (ice-cream), which is a must-try.  

My advice is to PACE YOURSELF – try everything a bit at least once. You can say no to something that doesn’t suit your mood or liking but it’s worthwhile to complete the entire course.

Food at The Great Kebab Factory Food at The Great Kabab Factory

The Bottom Line

All in all, TGKF is a delightful restaurant that compliments delicious food with quality service. It is a truly wonderful food experience as the staff help you journey through different flavors. The surprise you get with each dish that comes next is what it sets it apart from most other restaurants.

The Great Kabab Factory - indeed GREAT it was!