Sushi lovers won't want to miss this well-designed restaurant with the freshest fish flown in from Japan, as well as the finest local deliveries. 

The Ambience

Sushi Mori - Sushi Bar


With fresh decor with a story, the interior distinguishes itself from your typical scaled-down Japanese vibe. Throughout the restaurant, the elements of raw wood, metal and fire come together to hint at the inside of a bladesmith’s cabin in the woods. The ceiling over the bar is meant to stylishly mimic a fire and the pattern on the wall is the fire smoke. The result is a warm and trendy vibe with four kinds of seating depending on your mood. Take your pick from the bar chairs to watch the chefs prepare sushi (the Chef's Recommendation 'Omakase Courses' are only served at the sushi counter) and the shiny metal tables in the middle, or head for the tables by the floor-to-ceiling windows or the more private option in the back.

Sushi Mori - Interior Details

The Food & Drinks

Sushi Mori - Shirau Salad

The food and drink menus are extensive with both traditional sets and seasonal in-house specialties with fish being delivered every other day. The Shirauo Salad (320 B) with deep-fried ice fish topped with flying fish roe is light, fresh and crispy, and the Super Salmon Crunchy Rolls (380 B) are delicious with just a tinge of spiciness. The oysters from Japan (250 B per piece) are part of the seasonal menu and are exquisite, also with a hint of spiciness that brings out the flavor of the oyster.

Sushi Mori - Oysters and Usuzukuris

We can also recommend one of their Usuzukuris (550 B): thinly sliced Hokkaido scallop/yellowtail/halibut in ponzu sauce. For those of you who want to try something new, the Stamina Bowl (600) is a house special featuring uni, ikura, diced akami, hokkigai, quail egg and kisami wasabi. Mix it together and put it into a seaweed cone that you make yourself. If you are feeling less adventurous, the Aburi Set with 5 pieces of torched sushi (720 B), with everything from salmon to foie gras, is likely to please most.

Sushi Mori - Stamina Bowl

Sushi Mori - Aburi Set

As for desserts, the famous Snaffle Cheesecake (90 B) is made with Hokkaido milk and is airy and not too sweet. The Yuzu Sorbet (90 B) is incredibly fresh, and a perfect way to end your meal.  

The Bottom Line

Sushi Mori - Interior

Service is great, especially the complimentary and flavorful Japanese green melon, and we also recommend their hot/cold green tea, which is a house recipe of matcha green tea combined with roasted brown rice (50 B). Sushi Mori is very busy during weekday lunchtime and is good for the office crowds or anyone craving quality sushi, as well as anyone wanting to start their night out with dinner and drinks before heading to Ku De Ta.