Bangkok has a plethora of culinary masterpieces to choose from and sometimes it can be daunting when trying to decide what’s for dinner. Don’t worry; you don’t need to search high and low for delicious comfort food because I am here to tell you I have found one of my all-time favorite comfort foods and it just so happens to be the best fish and chips in Bangkok.

The menu is diverse, ranging from seafood dishes, platters to share, burgers to savory steaks.

There is nothing like comfort food, it is the type of food that with one bite can bring back memories that warm your heart. From time to time, I like to wander around Bangkok looking for a pub promising delicious fish and chips because that dish reminds me of my travels in the UK with my husband before children came into the picture. It helps me to remember we were just two kids at the pub enjoying a game of darts, a beer and fried heavenly goodness. I have searched high and low and was very surprised to see that New Zealanders pride themselves on this dish so I had to try it out.

Upon your visit to Snapper, you are greeted by friendly staff who will show you to your table. Once inside, you can’t help but feel right at home with the fishing traps made into beautiful light fixtures providing a soft glow, the dinner tables enveloped by comfortable couches decorated with throw pillows, and the photos of fisherman on the walls with their fresh catches or should I say trophies in hand. Every guest who comes to dinner is presented with a surprise from the kitchen, on the day of my visit I enjoyed a lamb croquette that was out of this world. There is also another surprise from the bar for your enjoyment; a shot of vodka with kiwi pulp. YUM!

As I sipped my Monkey Bay Sauvignon Blanc during my interview with Snapper’s operations manager, Glenn, I was asked what I would like for dinner. When I opened the menu I saw there were several different options for the fish and chips meal. I wasn’t sure about which one to try so I asked for Glenn’s recommendation and I was presented with the battered New Zealand Southern Hake with a side of the Kumera fries, also known as sweet potato fries, and another side of the standard cut chips. The fish was cooked to perfection; lite, flakey, and the flavor was a mild one. The fish was served with their homemade ketchup and tartar sauce; both sauces did not mask the flavor but certainly enhanced it. The standard chips were crispy and salted and the sweet potato fries were thick and sweet with a smooth texture and served with a side of sweet chili sauce and sour cream. In my opinion, a test of a good meal is when you are basically licking the plate clean and let’s just say my plate was near spotless.

Bottom line

Nana has a lot to offer and the main thing that I keep going back for on this side of Bangkok is the food. Snapper is a restaurant which can be enjoyed with friends, a significant other on date night or if you aren’t in the mood to cook for the kids you can treat them to a night out. The menu is diverse and can please anyone, with options ranging from different seafood dishes, platters to share, burgers to savory steaks.  If you are trying to please the sophisticated palate of your little one, Snapper also offers a kids menu but I believe Snapper’s claim to fame (the fish and chips) will please even the pickiest of eaters. ! It doesn’t get much better than that!

Snapper is open every day. For further information on hours and menu, check out their website ( or their Facebook page (