Savelberg Bangkok opened its doors at the beginning of 2015, and is led by Dutch Chef Henk Savelberg, who holds the title of the only Dutch chef to achieve one Michelin star in four different restaurants. The Dutch chef has made a name for himself in the upscale fine-dining scene over the past three decades and now brings his wealth of knowledge and talent to Bangkok.

The Ambience

Savelberg - Open Kitchen

Located on Wireless Road next to the Dutch Embassy, the restaurant is a tranquil reprieve from the hustle and bustle located just outside. The space’s décor gives a clever nod to its chef’s Dutch origins with orange accents that can be found throughout the two-story restaurant. Large picture windows surround the main dining room, but if the view of downtown city life is not to your liking, just feast your eyes on the open kitchen and watch the chefs in action.

Savelberg - Wine Room

Taking the elevator upstairs, you will find the restaurant’s more laid-back dining option -The Wine Lounge -  offering wine by the glass paired with delicious canapés that will delight your palate without breaking the bank. Also located upstairs is a private dining room perfect for any special occasion that calls for a truly memorable experience.

The Food & Drinks

On the evening we visited, we put our culinary journey directly into the hands of the kitchen. What a tour they took us on! First up, they sparked our taste buds with a small bite with grilled watermelon, olive powder and Spanish ham. Beautifully presented on a small spoon, the watermelon was nestled on the powdery bed of olives and was accented nicely by the salty ham.  

Savelberg - Amuse Bouche

A second amuse bouche followed closely behind: a Tasmanian salmon trio. Artfully plated on a small orange rectangle, the three presentations of salmon playfully tied into the orange accents around the room. We enjoyed salmon-wrapped cucumber with basil & bread crumbs, salmon tartare with horseradish mousse, avocado, wasabi & sesame cracker and smoked salmon with deep-fried casava & squid ink. Each bite was unique in it’s flavor profile, but none overpowered the other.

Next up was a cold preparation of cucumber, pork belly & peas. The bright green of the dish was a delight to look at and the fresh, cool flavors paired well with the fattiness of the pork.

Savelberg - Lobster Salad

Following the pork was a beautiful lobster “salad” with pomelo, chili, caviar, brioche and peanuts. Lobster and citrus being a classic combination, this variation was delightful with the addition of the chili, but I failed to find the purpose of the peanuts. Nonetheless, the pop of the pomelo, heat from the chilis and the perfectly cooked lobster was pulled together with the finishing touch of a yuzu sauce. The service staff paired this dish with a glass of Konkelberg Sauvignon Blanc and the wine was light, bright and refreshing. A nice pairing with the lobster.

Savelberg - Majestic Oyster

A perfectly shucked Majestic oyster hailing from Ireland arrived next. Briny and salty, it was topped with beet, carrot and a bit of chili. Paired with De Castelanne Brut Champagne, it was a very nice pairing.

Next up: the tuna trio. Beautifully plated and seasoned well, it consisted of tuna belly wrap with blanched green vegetables, seared tuna and tuna tartar. I would have more to say about it if it was not for the next course - goose liver wrapped in pastry with a sweet black truffle sauce.  

Savelberg - Goose Liver

The goose liver wrapped in a pastry with sweet black truffle sauce was an amazing dish and a must-try when you come to Savelberg. The pastry was light and buttery and the foie gras was perfectly warmed in the center. Finished table side with a black truffle sauce, it was over-the-top delicious. If they offered this dish for lunch with a poached egg, I would be in heaven.

Savelberg - Seared Monkfish

Seared monkfish arrived next that was a study in carrots. Blanched carrots, carrot puree and a lovely carrot sweet and sour sauce accompanied the perfectly cooked fish. The fish was presented on a beautiful plate with orange accents - It not only was tasty, but visually stunning as well.

Savelberg - 24-Hour Sous Vide Quail

If monkfish is not your thing, I would recommend giving the 24-hour sous vide quail a try. It’s stuffed with foie gras and currants and served with zucchini, baby corn, popcorn and a quail reduction. It  was perfectly executed, but I did find the popcorn unnecessary.

Savelberg - Wild Fillet of Doe

Looking to try something a little different? Try the wild fillet of doe served with a red wine reduction and chestnut puree and garnished by the tiniest Yorkshire pudding you will ever see. The doe was served rare and was extremely tender and surprisingly mild given it was a wild deer. The wine paring was again spot on - the Hedonist Cabernet Sauvignon being earthy with a hint of pepper.

If you have any room left at the end of your meal, Savelberg offers a Dutch cheese plate and employs a very talented pastry chef who creates dishes featuring Valrhona chocolate, cherry, coconut & coffee.

The Bottom Line


It is worth noting that the dishes served at Savelberg at first glance may seem rich and heavy, but this could not be farther from the truth. I found the cuisine to be served at the restaurant surprisingly light and refreshing.  Instead of relying on cream, butter and starches to make a dish feel decadent, the kitchen instead focuses on perfect technique, correct seasoning and has a  wonderful way of vegetable cookery.  And although I made my way through a total of 12 (12!) courses, at the end of the meal, I felt fantastic.

Savelberg serves lunch and dinner from Wednesday to Monday and is closed on Tuesdays.
Brunch is served on Sundays from 12pm - 2pm.
Reservations are highly recommended.
Phone Number:  +66 (0) 2252 8001