Tucked away down a small alley just off of Sukhumvit Soi 49, Kashikiri49 Soda Onsen and Spa provides for a spa experience that transplants you – both physically and mentally – into a peaceful and natural setting far away from the hustle and bustle of busy Bangkok living. The second spa in the Kashikiri Soda Onsen and Spa company, Kashikiri49 is the larger of the two facilities, and offers a more central location to enjoy the art and tradition of Japanese onsen bathing.

the perfect way to introduce yourself to the age-old Japanese tradition

Renowned for the therapeutic and healing benefits of the mineral waters used in the baths, onsen bathing is touted as a transformational health experience and has quickly gained notoriety in the international spa circuit. Traditionally a communal experience, Kashikiri49 sets itself apart from the competition by offering private onsen bathing – the only such spa in Thailand. For those new to onsen bathing, or for those feeling a bit shy to strip down in public, a visit to Kashikiri49 is the perfect way to introduce yourself to the age-old Japanese tradition. It goes without saying that private onsen bathing also offers the utmost opportunity to completely relax and unwind, free from the distractions or interactions common in the more public onsen facilities. The only thing to draw you from the incredibly soothing mineral waters of your onsen bath at Kashikiri49 may be the flutter of a friendly butterfly past the window of your private room.

Kashikiri49 Soda Onsen and Spa - Two massage beds

Kashikiri49 has seven private baths, four of which are larger, couples’ onsen baths. The spa imports all of its onsen baths, as well as top-of-the-line ingredients for soaking – a combination of soda onsen, Beppu mineral, and Kusatsu mineral essence – from the best onsen facilities in Japan, ensuring that each guest to Kashikiri49 gets the finest, but also the most authentic, onsen experience in Thailand. The high-quality, private onsen experience comes at a bit of a premium over communal bathhouses; however, the price is not unreasonable – a 45-min soak is priced at 700B during peak hours and at a promotional price of 550B during daytime hours (Monday-Thursday, 9:30-15:00). Memberships to the spa are also on offer, providing for an even more reasonably priced option to enjoy the benefits of onsen bathing on a more regular basis.

The beauty of the minimalist-designed Kashikiri49 spa is in its strong connection to nature – natural materials are used exclusively throughout the indoor and outdoor areas of the spa; natural light and views to the outdoors are commonplace throughout, even defining each private onsen room; and the layout of the spa offers the opportunity to enjoy indoor and outdoor spaces between treatments. It is luxury in the most pure sense. The deep connection to nature is also carried through in the products Kashikiri49 uses in its spa and massage treatments, as well as sells as take-home products. All made from natural ingredients, the choice of unique body scrubs and massage oil blends – from Japanese Tea oil, to Jasmine rice scrub, and Green Tea and Almond scrub – allows for the customization of treatments to personal preferences.

Kashikiri49 Soda Onsen and Spa - Slippers

Although best known for its private onsen bath facilities, it is worth experiencing the full range of spa services on offer at Kashikiri49. From Jurlique facials to traditional Thai massages, and nearly everything in between, this spa caters to a full gamut of spa experiences. After a soak in an onsen bath, a full body scrub (1400B), followed by a hot oil massage (1400B) is a particularly rejuvenating experience – it’s a sure-fire trifecta for full body bliss. Treatment rooms are basic and in line with the minimalist-theme of the rest of the spa, but the level of professionalism and technique applied throughout each treatment procedure keeps this spa in line with some of the other choice spas in the city.  

A pleasant surprise to the end of the spa experience is the complimentary tea and piece of cake – yes, cake! The only thing to top off an already wonderful spa experience could be a piece of delicious cake – and Kashikiri49 does just that for guests. It’s a well-considered detail that completes the unique spa experience at Kashikiri49.  

Service is professional, warm, and friendly; however, particularly as a first time guest, it is best to ask for the location of facilities in the spa or for the detailed run-through of each procedure if ever you are left unsure. Kashikiri49 also has a somewhat unconventional layout to other spas, with toilet facilities located outside of the changing room and treatment rooms, and with treatment rooms located such that you have to walk post-onsen through the main lobby past incoming guests. But walking around in the beautiful and colourful kimono-style robe provided to spa guests makes up for some of the discomfort, as wearing it makes a part of you want to show it off to others.  

Bottom line

Overall, Kashikiri49 is a wonderful, full-service spa and private onsen facility – again, the only one in Thailand. It is the perfect place to relax, unwind, and most importantly reconnect with yourself in the complete, blissful solitude of your own onsen – or with your significant other in the privacy of a couple’s bath. Kashikiri49 is also a great location to visit for a spa retreat with friends – the full-service spa menu, combined with the onsen facilities, offers something for everyone. And with long opening hours – 9:30-22:30, Monday through Sunday – as well as regular promotions, it is easy to find a suitable time and excuse to visit the spa. Kashikiri49 is the perfect place to introduce yourself to the art and tradition of Japanese onsen in the comfort of privacy, the serenity of nature, and the lure of a full-range spa. Try it for yourself!