This authentic Neapolitan pizza food truck started business a few weeks ago and it is ready to teach us what real wood-fire oven pizza tastes like.

The Inspiration

Hot Wheels Neapolitan Pizza - Behind the Scenes with Teddy

“I couldn’t find a good pizza in Bangkok," said Teddy, a tall vegetarian guy from San Francisco. His desire to offer authentic Neapolitan pizza to Bangkok came from attending pizza school in Naples, Italy. From there, he came across an original Italian stone at a flea market outside Rome and the rest was history. As soon as he arrived to Bangkok, he found his truck, set up his Italian oven, turned on the fire and started preparing his dough. Hot Wheels Pizza is now open to the public, and this is only the beginning.

The Quality

Hot Wheels Neapolitan Pizza - Wood-Fired Oven

The concept behind a good Neapolitan pizza relies on three factors: good ingredients, good dough and good cooking. Hot Wheels offers all three. The majority of the ingredients, like the cheese and the tomato sauce, are imported from Italy. The sourdough is also brought in from Italy and Teddy cultivates it by himself. Finally, the pizza is cooked in the wood-fired oven (400°C) for 60-90 seconds. The result is a thin base of pizza with almost 2 cm of crispy crust. The pizza is easy to eat and never greasy, and you can taste all the aromas from the sourdough to the fresh ingredients.

The Menu

Hot Wheels Neapolitan Pizza - Teddy's Favourite Pizza

The pizza menu has a selection of eight standard pizzas, or you have the choice to create your own personalized pizza. You can choose the size (big or small), the sauce (red or white) and the toppings (Hiso & Veggie). I tried the Teddy’s Favourite Pizza (250 B) with four cheeses, mushrooms, black olives and green chilli peppers. This pizza is not like any other four cheese pizza. The perfect use of Pecorino, Gorgonzola, Parmesan and Mozzarella creates a balanced cheesy flavor without being too salty or bland. In addition, a fine smokey taste emerged from the use of the wood-fired oven. I also added spicy salami for a stronger flavor.

The Location

Hot Wheels Neapolitan Pizza x Wishbeer Ekkamai

Hot Wheels can be found in the garden of Wishbeer Home Bar in Ekkamai from Tuesday to Thursday (6:00pm - onwards). The rest of the week, you can follow them on Facebook and discover where the truck is located. In addition, if you live between Sukhumvit Soi 1 and Sukhumvit Soi 101 and you want to taste authentic Neapolitan pizza in your home, Hot Wheels has started a delivery service. You can order from their Facebook interactive menu and take advantage of their online offers for free delivery or free toppings. Furthermore, if you are having a party and want to treat your guests, Hot Wheels provides catering too.

The Bottom Line

The whole tasting experience of the wood-fired oven and the Italian cheese brought me homey memories of the Mediterranean. Hot Wheels knows how to capture its customers from their first visit simply for the unique taste of the pizza.