We were privileged to meet and talk with co-founder Kampanart Leosirikul. Kampanart opened Growth Cafe in October 2015 with co-founder Kittipong Kittithavornkul (Auu) and friends, and has transformed a small Thai restaurant into a 3 storey cafe and co-working space.

1. Could you introduce Growth CC?

The Growth Cafe and Co-working Space was officially established on October 1st 2015 in the heart of Bangkok. We are a group of people who had a vision to set up an inspirational place for working, studying and spending time with friends. We follow the slogan "Let your creativity grow".

Growth Cafe and Co - Cafe

2. What makes Growth CC different from other Cafes in Bangkok?

Growth CC is both a cafe and co-working space over three storeys, with a large green space that is ready to provide customers a complete services: free wifi and plug sockets at every table including refreshing drinks, yummy desserts, and delicious food. We clearly separate the use of space by floor, with a cafe zone on the second floor, co-working space on the third floor, and soon a relax zone as that will be available for customers soon on the fourth floor. Our aim is to make our atmosphere different from other cafes in Bangkok. Our cafe is surrounded by small trees and terrariums. People can rent our co-working space for working or chitchating with friends in a comfy space. Oh! We almost forget to say our customers can sit and spend time at Growth CC as long as they want!

Customers want to change their workplaces to a new atmosphere in order to obtain wider and more creative ideas

Growth Cafe and Co - Americano and brownie

3. What inspired you to create this type of venue?

The first thought that popped up into our head, was that we needed a comfortable space to work and hang out with our friends, but we could not find the suitable place that can provide us with this service. Later, we shared ideas and concluded that we should start our business by merging "cafe" and "co-working" together as a perfect combination. This idea created a perfect environment for startups and entrepreneurs who do not have their own permanent offices to work at our space efficiently.

Growth Cafe and Co - "Growth is the only evidence of life"

4. What's your opinion on the co-workspace scene in Bangkok right now?

Co-working spaces in Bangkok have grown rapidly due to the higher demand of customers who want to change their workplaces to a new atmosphere in order to obtain wider and more creative ideas. 

Growth Cafe and Co - Co-working space on the third floor

5. Why did you choose Lido as your location?

Actually, customers can get into GrowthCC easily and directly from either Lido or Siam Square Soi 2 by taking BTS skytrain to Siam station and making the short 2 minute walk. Our customers do not have to waste time finding a parking space. They don't need to take other vehicles such as motorcycles and buses to get to our space. We choose this location because we strongly believe that having a good location is one of the most important strategies to survive in business.

Growth Cafe and Co - Long table, in the co-working space

6. Who are your customers?

Growth CC has a variety of customers. Some of them are students who study around Siam Square and come to read books or do projects with their friends, while many freelance workers are also spending their time on working quietly at our co-working space on the third floor. Additionally, we have big groups of clients from different types of businesses renting our space for setting up workshop or meeting such as SONY and Angular Workshop. All of them choose Growth CC because of our location, comfy atmosphere, and high quality products and services.