I recently had the opportunity to interview my friend Cat, who is one of the driving forces behind this long time in the making labor of love, and sample the most succulent southern dishes that reminded me of BBQ back home in South Carolina.

In the beginning

Deli-Q is the new kid on the block when it comes to Bangkok’s food truck scene. They just opened the doors about four weeks ago but the idea of this fun new venture has been in the making for the last four years and took about one year to build by hand.

Deli-Q - People

You might be thinking what does it mean; Deli-Q? To keep their options open and allow for some creativity and flexibility in the menu they came up with the name Deli-Q for their company. Their menu is a mixture of deli signature items and BBQ favorites ranging in price from 40 baht per side up to 150-300 baht for a sandwich but Cat ensures us that the portion sizes are very generous. After only being open for a short while, their best sellers are the Deli-Q Patty Melt and their pulled meat sandwiches, which this southern girl is looking forward to the most!

Runaway food  

As most foodies know, the food truck is the new up and coming thing in the states and all over the world. Luckily Bangkok is keeping up with this trend. Cat believes that there should be a food truck on every corner just like restaurants keeping competition up and in turn the quality of the food will be higher to keep up with demand. The competition she faces keeps her on her toes and really helps to keep the creative juices flowing. One of the big things that sets Deli-Q apart from other food trucks is their state of the art, fully equipped mobile kitchen, which is very similar to the trucks in the States, and with a variety of options on the menu they have a great range of flexibility.

A food truck review is different from my normal restaurant reviews so I was curious to know more about the logistics with the staff, locations and seating for customers. Deli-Q has one truck which will have 3-6 staff members, depending on the event, working hard to prepare your meal. The entire company is only eight people but they have big hopes to grow.

Obviously, the food truck has the ability to find their target market with moving from place to place. Deli-Q being very new is taking advantage of attending different events around town to gather a following of loyal fans and to find their niche. When they aren’t at an event they are normally parked around Wishbeer Home Bar in Prakanong. This is Cat’s favorite place to sell because of the laid back atmosphere and the massive selection of brews. I would suggest you follow Deli-Q on Facebook so you can know exactly where they will be from night to night. There are plans in the works for Deli-Q to provide seating for their customers but for now at the events it is pretty easy to find a nice spot to enjoy your meal be it a seating area or the sidewalk; it’s all part of the fun!

The food

Cat and her American family have been in Thailand for twenty five years now but they haven’t forgotten their roots. Cat’s father, who is the brains behind this idea, has always been an amazing cook and engineer, who loved to tinker and create different contraptions to smoke and grill meat. With his recipes, they decided to focus on a segment of the food market that hasn’t really been tapped into with BBQ and deli specialties. The commercial kitchen is located outside of Bangkok in Samutprakarn. They do their best to support local suppliers and are looking to support small local farms as the business grows. Almost everything on the menu is handmade with love from their mayo, patty’s, bacon, sauces, and their fresh bread is made by Ciao Pane Bread Bakery.

Deli-Q - Patty Melt

The food is fantastic. Good old fashioned comfort food. Cat brought me their best sellers, the grilled cheese, the Deli- Q Patty Melt, the North Carolina pulled pork BBQ sandwich topped with chipotle coleslaw, and a side of potato salad. In the beginning, they found that some of the menu items they had originally might have been to “American” and had to be altered slightly for their Thai customers but even with the slight twists on the dishes they were really well balanced and done very well. The patty melt comprised of a homemade beef patty, smothered in their three cheese blend, topped with grilled onions, smoked bacon (done in house), and served on fresh wheat bread baked that morning with a tangy curry tomato ketchup. Different from the greasy dinner back in the states but to be honest I enjoyed it more with Deli-Q and I didn’t feel like death after eating it because it was not a greasy mess. The same three cheese blend and fresh wheat bread are used for their grilled cheese but if you are feeling frisky add the jalapenos; I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

Obviously, the food truck has the ability to find their target market with moving from place to place. Deli-Q being very new is taking advantage of attending different events around town to gather a following of loyal fans and to find their niche.

I love a good patty melt and anything with cheese but I came for the BBQ. The North Carolina sauce was on point with a vinegar base and tangy spices. Where I come from a BBQ sandwich isn’t really BBQ unless you order pulled pork although you can order beef or chicken. Then you have to choose your coleslaw; their flavors are spicy chipotle, horseradish, garlic, and toasted sweet onion. The sandwich was great, different than what I am used to but I loved it. The fresh role was the perfect consistency to hold everything in place without becoming a soggy mess because of the tangy sauce. My husband and I devoured it in no time and the potato salad side was the perfect complement to the sandwich, with its mustard base, garlic, celery and shallots.

Deli-Q - Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Bottom line

Cat, her family, and team really want to boost the food truck scene in Bangkok. You can learn from their example to see a dream doesn’t have to bankrupt your life savings to start up a successful small business. They want to support other food truckers in the area and they have plans to start another business called “Homestyle Custom Trucks” which will help others with the same dream to start their own food truck at a minimal price.

Visiting Deli-Q no matter where they are parked for the night is a fun, relaxed date night option. We really enjoyed the location on the day of our visit at Wishbeer. The atmosphere was chilled, the brews were cold, and the food was hot. You can never go wrong with southern comfort food so take the entire family to visit Deli-Q as soon as possible.  

For more information or to see where they will be next please visit their different social media platforms: 

https://www.facebook.com/deliqbkk, Keep On Truckin'! - Thailand Food Trucks: https://www.facebook.com/groups/thailandfoodtrucks/, and on Instagram @deliqbkk.