Nestled in Bang Krachao, Bangkok’s Green Lung, there is a cozy, eco-friendly restaurant and hotel that is exactly what it sounds like: a tree house. Well, not literally a tree house, but close enough. It is a short walk or bicycle ride from the pier (accessible by ferry from Bang Na pier). How to get there.

The Ambience & Design

This sensational structure has a very interesting design that balances wood, glass and iron, all surrounded by a lush green environment. There are multiple private and public areas perched above the river banks with trees hugging in from all around.

Bangkok Tree House - Restaurant

Bangkok Tree House - First Deck

The dining rooms located on the first deck are surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows that allow ample natural light to shine in - perfect for taking those Instagram photos. Taking the stairs up, you reach another deck with open-air seating, which further leads to a top deck that overlooks the river, forest trees and a contrasting view of the high-rise buildings of Bangkok city.

Bangkok Tree House - View from Top Deck

The Food & Service

We sat down at a corner table and waited for the staff to bring us the menu, which arrived shortly after. The menu was a mix of authentic Thai and fusion cuisine. After looking through the menu for a few minutes, we were ready to order. But then we waited. And waited some more. Another 5 minutes went by and we hadn’t even ordered yet. Where’s the staff?? I went outside the air-conditioned room to get their attention and the waitress nodded. Slowly, she walked in and took our order. By now we were super hungry and couldn’t wait for our meals. We ordered a plate of krapao kai (stir-fry chicken with basil) with egg, green curry chicken and seafood salad. We waited some more.

Bangkok Tree House - Krapao Kai

Luckily the salad came first and we dug in. It was wonderfully made with just the right amount of sweet, sour and spice. The seafood, especially the prawns, were cooked to perfection.

Minutes later and halfway through our salad, our main dishes arrived. Served alongside brown rice, the krapao was decent but nothing spectacular. The green curry was well prepared with the perfect mix of creaminess and spiciness. We devoured our food slowly as I sipped on my Singha beer.

Bangkok Tree House - Seafood Salad and Green Curry

When we tried to order dessert, the waitress came 5 minutes later to tell us that it was finished, so we just called for the bill and finally made our way out.

There’s also a full range of veg and vegan items on the menu. Check out their recommended food and drinks on their Facebook page. Apparently they also have a four-course menu (490 B++)  that you can try, but it wasn’t offered to us on the day we visited. You probably have to call in advance first.

The Bottom Line

Overall, this is a great place to visit with friends or loved ones. If the weather is not too hot, opt to sit upstairs in the open rather than the air conditioned room.

The service is so-so, but you'll soon forget about it as you look around at the beauty of the surrounding nature. Bangkok Tree House is also more than a restaurant and hotel; it exemplifies nature and sustainable living. If that is something you are passionate about, you can also spend a few nights here under the stars.