Although it was only a year since debut of Bangkok’s Songrkan-inspired EDM festival, there were huge improvements packed into the spectacular show of water, sound, lights and pyrotechnics at Waterzonic 2015 - appropriately titled “Utopia.”  The venue felt better, the performances were larger-than-life and fans came out in enormous numbers!

Photo Credit IG: shoreshane

As darkness fell on Bangkok last Saturday night, the lights on the horizon exploding out of SCG Stadium warned that nobody was sleeping early.  They were calling Bangkok’s socialites like bat signals in the night sky.

Arriving at the stadium, the energy was tangible.  10’s of thousands of people were flooding in.  Street vendors made sure that party-goers had all of the light-up accessories, food, and waterproof protection they needed before the show.  An artificial football pitch acted as a staging area before guests immersed themselves in the festival atmosphere they so highly anticipated.

Finally getting inside, the visuals and set-up were spectacular.  The layout was reminiscent of last year, although arranged in a more intimate and multidimensional format.  The towering light shows, fireworks, water cannons, and fireballs created a (pleasantly) overwhelming sensation that you were in the middle of something huge.  Working your way through the crowd, past the raised VIP area, you would have found people from everywhere in the world.  There was flag waving, dancing, colors, lights, buckets and - ultimately - a sea of smiles as everyone came together to enjoy an international lineup of some of EDM’s greatest DJs, again headlined by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike.

It went all night, and it was glorious.  And after it all ended, when we were screaming for more, Waterzonic served us with one last message:  “See You Again - Waterzonic 2016.”  Yes, absolutely..  See you again, Waterzonic!

Photo Credit IG: l3izgalz