Bangkok event ticketing systemIn the events industry, businesses are being forced to adapt to new trends in consumer technology. Everything is changing, from advertising and customer interaction, to ticket delivery and the way customers pay.

Many event organizers are still running their events the old-fashioned way.  Bank transfers, scanning receipts, manual emails, registration documents, and printing guest lists are a hassle!

In order to survive in a competitive market, it’s important maximize the time you spend on what matters most - your customers!  Our ticketing system allows you to sign-up, publish your event, create tickets, and start selling within minutes! There’s no hassle, and it's free to sign up.

Bangkok event ticketing system

We can help you save time, offer more ticket payment options, save time on accounting, and understand more about your audience reach. But we can do more!

Event Ticketing Designed to Solve Problems.

Social media can be an expensive, unprofessional, and ineffective way to organize events.  It's difficult to get noticed in a sea of advertisement, and everyone is fighting for the attention of the same people!  “Views” and “impressions” don’t always translate to sales.  And if people do get to your event page, there’s still no way to buy a ticket!

We have worked with event organizers over the past few years to design a better solution so we can offer:

1. An online event ticketing system that require very little of your time
2. Zero risk, zero set-up fees, and no direct cost to use
3. Access to the latest local payment technologies
4. Better events management tools and customer analytics
5. Dynamic event discovery tools to help you get more exposureBangkok event ticketing system

Bangkok event ticketing system
Bangkok event ticketing systemBangkok event ticketing system

Event Discovery - Finding Things to do in Bangkok

Unlike other ticketing sites, our primary goal is to be a great resource for finding things to do in your city.  We accommodate free, paid, small, medium, large, and even private events!  Anyone can get on our site and post events within a few minutes.

Being local allows us provide a great resource to help you discover new things. In Bangkok, we have quickly become the number one guide for finding things to do! We offer a variety of ways to find what’s happening around you:

• Daily timeline of events
• Search by keyword
• Sort by event category (concert, nightlife, eat & drink, etc.)
• Pick any date
• Use an Interactive map with “find me” function

Finding Things to do in Bangkok

We understand that people are busy, but they are still looking for new things to do. Our goal is to help save people time by being ultra-fast, convenient, customizable and FREE!

Bangkok event ticketing system

Adding events on our site is a great way to advertise to a large community of event seekers.  When your event is published, you can easily add tickets to take advantage of full benefits that we offer, including:

Bangkok event ticketing system

Bangkok event ticketing system

Bangkok event ticketing system

After you've made a few sales, you'll need to start thinking about how streamline guest registration on event day.

"OnePlaceAdmin" Mobile Ticket Validation App

• Paperless check-in system
• Search and select guests in list format
• Scan barcodes to prevent fake ticket or duplicate entries
• Use multiple devices side-by-side (online mode)
• Process 30+ tickets per minute on each device
• Download "OnePlaceAdmin" app free from Google Play or Apple App Store

Bangkok event ticketing system

Who's Behind One Place Events?

Our tech-savvy team is always looking for new ways to support the events community. From our home base in Bangkok, we make daily updates to incorporate feedback from event organizers, add new features, and improve the efficiency of our ticket system. We are on a mission to be the number one online ticket sales platform in Asia (and beyond).  Here's a look at who we are:

Bangkok event ticketing system