Ended 27 November 2016
The Neilson Hays Library and Galleries

Vital Vein by Sonea Rattanaruangsup

"Vital Vein is a story of what transpires when the mind and the heart form a tryst. Sentiments triggered empower vicious brush strokes, creating my happy places." - Sonea Rattanaruangsup

Sonea will be showing her Vital Vein work in the Neilson Hays Library Garden Gallery CafeThere will be a reception to meet the artist 6-8 pm on Nov. 4.

Here Sonea speaks briefly here about herself and her work:

"My name is Anchalee Rattanaruangsup. I go by the name Sonea. I am born and brought up in Thailand. I was educated in India, Bangkok and Singapore. I work in the special needs department as an interventionist. It is an exceptionally challenging and a satisfying career. I love nature. I love how it inspires me. I adore animals and I love how they tend to understand us more than we think. I spend a lot of my time during the day in solitude. I think solitude; a quiet introspection has been very valuable for the self-growth. It keeps me happy and it allows me to understand and hear my own emotions in ways I could not have imagined. 

"My exhibition for November is titled 'Vital Vein.' It is very impulsive, exciting and rather abstract. It has been a really fun collection to make. There is tremendous amount of learning and experimenting in this collection. I made many mistakes while learning different strategies and using varied mediums. For instance, sponge instead of a paint brush, ink instead of acrylics and so on. This collection is a joyful journey that led me to many happy places that were in my mind. After I had finished some of these pieces, it felt as though I had really reached those destinations and I could see it in front of me which is often a remarkable escape from reality.

"My work with special needs children has played a significant role in shaping and molding my character and it has enabled me to understand my capability in endurance and tolerance. For both scenarios, working with special needs children and while working on my paintings I realize that it shares some elements that tally. For instance, it is both a trial and error until be succeed. I am always experimenting with mediums and what techniques and ideas to execute to convey a message via painting. Similarly, it is a trial and error procedure with my children. Sometimes my technique works sometimes it doesn’t and I have to be patient, flexible, creative and adapting to allow both my child and I to succeed. In addition, I cannot always be certain of the end result’s outcome and the surprises that I get are beyond words can explain."

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The Neilson Hays Library and Galleries

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The Neilson Hays Library and Galleries
The Neilson Hays Library and Galleries

195 Surawong Road Bangkok Thailand 10500

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