Speedy Grandma Artist in Residence Program 2015 : Pip Stafford & Andrew Harper

Speedy Grandma -

Ended 31 July 2015
Speedy Grandma

Here comes another time, please welcome our artist in residence for this year!

Pip Stafford: Electro_Medium

Electro_Medium is the second of a series of three experiments in 'sound divination', using a purpose-built radio which has traveled from Hobart, Tasmania to divine sounds from the local area. Using a crystal radio to make electromagnetic frequencies audible, Electro_Medium gives an insight into the unseen world of radio - the waves that are invisible but all around us. This residency and exhibition project will use the radio box to divine sounds from sites in Bangkok, which will then be re-imagined in the gallery using conductive paint, copper tape and graphite as both two dimensional forms and antenna devices. 

The work will be activated by a sound performance using the radio signals at the opening event.

Pip Stafford is a Hobart-based artist who is primarily concerned with networks and communication, rituals and patterns, and she has most recently been conducting research in the realm of “sound divination”, that is, taking electromagnetic waves, making them audible and visible, and using them as the basis for sound performance and installation.

Pip Stafford's project was assisted by Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body and through Arts Tasmania by the Minister for the Arts.

Andrew Harper: Repeated Activity: Lattices

Repeated Activity: Lattices is the early stage of an investigation into the odd patterns found inside safety envelopes. These patterns are disappearing as more and more information is shared electronically. The work finds, enlarges, and mixes these patterns, adding found images of disease, misunderstood cultural patterns and naturally occurring mineral phenomenon, creating a collage of viral or rhizomic images, that when placed together speak of a larger interest in obsessive, ritualistic actions.

Andrew will also give a sound performance, using repetitious voice, at the opening event.
Andrew Harper works with performance, found material and manipulated objects. His practice, in an overall sense, investigates aspects of mental illness and self-abusing behaviour, like hoarding and being paranoid – seeing patterns that do not exist, or making value out of valueless objects.

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Ends 31 July 2015

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Speedy Grandma

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Speedy Grandma
Speedy Grandma

672/50-52 Soi Charoenkrung 28 Bangrak Bangrak, Bangkok, Thailand 10500

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