Second Nature

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Ended 08 August 2015
Soy Sauce Factory

“Second nature” Solo exhibiton by MAUY
Opening reception: July 10th 2015, 7:00 pm

Living in Chiang Mai since he was 7 years old, MAUY was surrounded by forests and developed a deep respect for them.
Mauy: “I grew up around the jungles and wild life, so there are two things that have been a big influence in my life. One: ‘the forest is the blood line of life ' and Two: the longer that forest can serve, the longer everything can live"
Trying to capture the individuality of wild animals by portraying them as kings of their own worlds, he tells us about the modern parallel he sees. We all own our own destiny but stay forever tied to our roots, our nature. MAUY shares a vision of timberland animals in coexistence, forging camaraderie instead of the ruthless nature of survival. The theme is unity and leads us into mysterious adventures of a comforting, woodland, street mythology. The predator and the prey, on normal terms as friends and not enemies. The animals, valued the same as the trees, sharing the same blood and earthly elements. All the while mixed together with creatures of strange blends of animal features, using subtle moments to critic the human condition. An endearing, welcoming land with constant playful questions. A second nature.

A recent newcomer on the Thai street art scene and representative of the established Chiang Mai art movement, MAUY is offering a fresh style. The quality of a seasoned illustrator, from fine art faculty of ChiangMai University, who is expressing through the public medium of street art. Bringing the emotive response of reading a memorable children’s book coupled with the intense realities of modern urban society. His work is quickly becoming a staple of Chiang Mai’s reputable scene. Representing what he values most in the rural north, his work strives to respect and call attention to the interconnected relationship of living beings and their environment. 

Information contact: 0874383681
E: [email protected]

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Ends 08 August 2015

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Soy Sauce Factory

Soi 24 Charoenkrung road Bangkok, Thailand 10500

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Soy Sauce Factory
Soy Sauce Factory

Soi 24 Charoenkrung road Bangkok, Thailand 10500

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