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Ended 15 August 2014
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Artists Suwit Maprajaub & Peerawayt Krasaesom return to Whitespace Gallery during a time of high anxiety in the nation of Thailand, as in many places around the world. Quite independently, both artists proposed works expressive of their present feelings of uncertainty and fearfulness about the state of Thailand, and the world at large. 

Peerawayt has created a series of intricate pieces in acrylic and ink create abstracted objects including machine guns and tanks with cellular structures (a reference to microscopic views of blood cells). The artist wishes to pose questions of human’s violent nature, and whether it’s an inexorably built-in to our DNA. 

Suwit continues his sculptural work with found oil cans– that ask audiences to consider the environment, energy dependence and the violence that can arise over its control. The artist’s playful, colorful works belie much darker themes like death, sex and greed.

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Peerawayt Krasaesom

Born in 1981 in Surin, Thailand. He lives and works in Bangkok.

Peerawayt graduated with a Bachelors of Science from Chulalongkorn University and with a Masters of Fine Arts this year from King Mungkut's Institute Technology Ladkabang. Peerawayt's style is characterized by his hometown's simple lifestyle incorporated with a more disciplined and civilized lifestyle required in live in a large city environment. The artist analyzes humans, animals, and plants, surviving now, in environments that differ from their historical environments, uncovering how we adapt ourselves to survive. Peerawayt had his fist solo exhibition with Whitespace Gallery Bangkok and since has been widely shown in Thailand, as well as London. Most recently Peerawayt's works were shown at the Maduzi Hotel Art Fair, Jamjuree Gallery Bangkok, and Bangkok University Gallery.

Suwit Maprajuab
Suwit was born in 1981, Thailand and currently lives and works in Bangkok. He graduated with a MFA from the Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts at Silpakorn University. He works with manmade mediums, such as discarded oil and gas tanks. Inspired by the changes mankind inflicts upon its environment, the issues and politics of pollution, global warming, and climate variance. Imagining how humble marine creatures can adapt to relentless challenges that are dictated upon them.

With his sculptures of coastal marine creatures in bright colors, the artist catches the audiences attention but only on looking closely does the one realize they are created from dirty oil tanks. Suwit had his first solo exhibition "Survivors" in 2011 with Whitespace Gallery Bangkok. He has also participated with sculptures and drawings in various exhibitions in Thailand, Laos, and Brazil. Recently his work has received several awards and has been show in galleries such as, Hof Art Gallery Bangkok, the Maduzi Hotel Art Fair, and The National Gallery in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Whitespace Gallery

Sala Daeng 1 Rama 4 Road, Khet Bangrak Bangkok 10500

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Whitespace Gallery
Whitespace Gallery

Sala Daeng 1 Rama 4 Road, Khet Bangrak Bangkok 10500

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