Ended 25 September 2016
Bangkok Citycity Gallery


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“That, too, is human freedom [...], self-controlled movement. What a mockery of mother nature! At such a sight, no structure would stand up to the laughter of the apes.”

Jitti Chompee is captivated by Franz Kafka’s Ein Bericht An Eine Akademie, in which the protagonist Red Peter describes his loss of true freedom in the midst of gaining acceptance and recognition in the human world. Animalism, absurdity, and evolution are corresponding concepts that prevail in both Chompee’s and Kafka’s works. Red Peter draws from many elements of the ape’s journey of learning to behave like a human.

As for movement creation and choreography, Chompee finds inspiration from works of visual artists that depict striking images, including De Bruyckere’s sculptures and Picasso’s cubist paintings. He is especially intrigued by the abstract architecture of the bare human bodies in De Bruyckere’s sculptures which still resemble natural human positions. Hence, He uses this inspiration to design shapes and positions of the dancers’ bodies, both individually and with one another. Similarly, the rearrangement of objects and bodies to produce a cohesive depiction in cubism stimulates Chompee to experiment with creating distorted images, including headless bodies. These art works guide him to achieve similar effects of creating peculiar images within his choreography that trigger various feelings and associations in the audience.

Red Peter continues to explore the notion of freedom through his artistic choices in breaking the boundaries between the traditional and the contemporary. His interest in photography and minimalism draw him into the choreographic composition that creates innovative vocabulary for traditional dance forms. Furthermore, he interprets components from both Western and Eastern literature classics to find meeting points that he can combine into his work. Red Peter presents Chompee’s exploration of freedom by experimenting with the dynamic of inner and outer space of the human body, physical transformation, and site specific performances.

This creation project 2016 with Korzo is made possible by the Kylián Foundation in the Netherlands.
premiere 19 June 2016, Kozo Theater , Den Haag.

In Bangkok on 22-25 September 2016 at 7.30 pm 

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Ends 25 September 2016

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Bangkok Citycity Gallery

13/3 Sathorn 1, South Sathorn Road, Thung Maha Mek, Bangkok, Thailand 10120

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Bangkok Citycity Gallery
Bangkok Citycity Gallery

13/3 Sathorn 1, South Sathorn Road, Thung Maha Mek, Bangkok, Thailand 10120

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