Khao Sarns raw art

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Ended 01 July 2014

This exhibit is a gathering of thai artist's creations & passions.

The artists and styles on display are
Unchlee tunsuwan (peh) - black & white
Pornchai takerngvitsathaporn (sarn) - psychedelic
Apakorn boonyakornburi (bo) - stylized brushed art
Surakittisak sisuksai (em) - iconic 
Charoenchai thaweekij (just) - pop art


The notorious Khao Sarn road is a place like no other in Bangkok, and it attracts millions of tourists and locals each year. 

A melting pot of havoc, it stirs together people of completely different ages, nationalities, faiths and faces. Each with their own motive for being there; traveling, working, lusting, drinking, partying or just passing through to another destination. 

Many come to the hustle and bustle of Khao Sarn road to bargain; trying to find cut-rate goods to buy and sell at home, the best deal for transport, cheap souvenirs and iconic Thai memorabilia. 

Yet amongst all the branded fakes, inexpensive Thai street food, the dirt and grime, the mass produced postcards and cliche sarongs you can actually find some exclusive and truly exceptional ART. 

Khao Sarn's Raw Art exhibition presents a group of 5 Thai artists. Full of promise and dedication to their art of choice, yet amongst the hope lies a sadness.
They create alone but work together on Khao Sarn road to help one another make a living from this inner passion that drives them. 
There is safety and perhaps comfort in numbers, as they pack and unpack their works of art, they must return to the infamous strip nightly to sell their original designs and paintings. 

Each one of them has a technique of their own, an inspiration, a feeling that needs to be portrayed in some way or another.

Day in and day out they are exposed to violence, unkindness, inhumanity, drunken or drug fueled craziness and blatant corruption. They see how a lack of personal respect for ones-self and for others brings out the worst in people, it drags you down; it destroys lives and leaves pain in its wake. They must stay forever watchful and alert to prevent becoming a part of the antisocial frenzy that surrounds them. And still they look for beauty and kindness, observing people and finding the good. Here they can learn languages, about multiple cultures and make new connections. They find friendships while learning through new experiences and discover unusual inspirations.

Khao Sarn’s Raw Art exhibition is about showing more than ART, it’s about letting people see those on the sides of the street for who they really are and should be recognized for it.


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Thanon Lamphu Sam Sen Soi 1 Bangkok, Thailand 10200

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Thanon Lamphu Sam Sen Soi 1 Bangkok, Thailand 10200

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