Gushing Out My Confession

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Ended 15 August 2015
Whitespace Gallery

Gushing Out My Confession by Naraphat Sakarthornsap

Opening: July 18 2015 at 6 – 9pm
Featured Exhibition With Photo Bangkok Festival 2015

“Confession” A confession might be driven out by feelings of guilt, force, or even a mind filled with repentance. This series of photographs is, therefore, a result of my conscience about what is good and what is evil and also about the grey area between the two. 
Throughout the year, I have expressed all my feelings through words both spoken during my daily life and written and posted on social media. This artwork represents those feelings and words as well as my attempt to purify the wicked and evil side within me. Each and every photograph, flower, and message is metaphorically a notebook in which I have concealed some of my stories.
This work of photographic art is my confession. It tells the stories that I have secretly kept inside me, the stories that cannot be told whilst I live my daily routine. These photographs speak for me.

About Artist:
Naraphat Sakarthornsap graduated from the Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts, Chulalongkorn University. Flowers are important elements of the stories behind his artworks with words as secret codes that guide viewers to the true answers behind them. Flowers have always played a big role ever since his very first memories. Many of his childhood pictures show a little boy with flowers in his hands and on the pages of his notebooks were full of words that rarely relate to the subjects he was learning. His photographs are often presented with some words that contain special implications, which makes his works seem straightforward. However, with intent, his secrets are neatly hidden underneath what is presented. In other words, what he wants others to see may not be what he wants them to know.

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Ends 15 August 2015

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Whitespace Gallery

Sala Daeng 1 Rama 4 Road, Khet Bangrak Bangkok 10500

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Whitespace Gallery
Whitespace Gallery

Sala Daeng 1 Rama 4 Road, Khet Bangrak Bangkok 10500

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