For All Of You Are Who I Am

Subhashok The Arts Centre (S.A.C) -

Ended 09 October 2016
Subhashok The Arts Centre (S.A.C)

“For All of you are who I am” Tarntara Sudadung Solo Exhibition 

Opening reception: September 10th 2016, 6:00 pm

....People say that it is very difficult to reach “a woman’s heart,” one of the most complicated riddle on Earth.
No one could easily fathom the depth of her thoughts and feelings.
Sometimes it is bright with sparkles of dream and passion, filled with love and happiness
Sometimes it is the opposite… so dark and depressed, full of hatred and despair.

“Thanthara Sudaduang” expresses the truth from her heart as a female artist. Feelings inexpressible by words are communicated freely through her artwork in the exhibition “For all of you are who I am.” The canvas is a mirror that reflects the artist’s identity in the parallel world. The purest of her subconscious world, reflecting so much of her life, cannot be described with words….

The artist often said with a sad smile on her face that she feels uncertain and confused, not sure whether she is happy with her life today. She feels estranged, as if some parts of herself are lost. Creating work of art helps her find those missing pieces.

Looking from the outside, Thanthara is shy and often avoids meeting people But that is opposite to the expression in her art, which is strong and fascinating to the eyes. Her use of soft colors creates amazing visual dimensions. Her tactic presents contemporary symbols to the world of universal arts. Her work, in addition, smartly blends in culture and beliefs of her hometown. Identity and context are rearranged uniquely with the excellent skills of an artist.

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Ends 09 October 2016

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Subhashok The Arts Centre (S.A.C)

Soi Phrom Chit ,Sukhumvit 39, Bangkok, Thailand 10110

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Subhashok The Arts Centre (S.A.C)
Subhashok The Arts Centre (S.A.C)

Soi Phrom Chit ,Sukhumvit 39, Bangkok, Thailand 10110

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