Dusadee Dusit Lovers Dead Ones

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Ended 09 April 2016
The Art Center

Dusadee + Dusit + Lovers + Dead Ones put together by Dusadee Huntrakul 

Opening Reception: Tuesday, February 16, 2016, 6.40-8.30 pm
Artist Talk: 5.30-6.30 pm

The Art Center is pleased to present Dusadee + Dusit + Lovers + Dead Ones by Dusadee Huntrakul, a contemporary art exhibition storing the memories and relationships that the artist has with his artist friends and loved ones, both living and departed. Works of various mediums, from ceramics to pencil drawings, printed materials, paintings, basalt sculptures, banknotes, and gold rings, either created by the artist or having been traded for, will together offer a glimpse into the artist’s personal life as well as his artistic journey.

Artist Statements
“I have been trading artworks and labor with artist friends since early 2011. On one part, this exhibition is about that. It is about remembering the lives of those around me. It is also about site specificity, material reality, flexibility of subjects and forms, economy, technology of the making, particular history, and other obligations. There is another part where I invited Dusit Huntrakul, my uncle and the first maker I have ever met, to participate in the exhibition. In Dusadee + Dusit + Lovers + Dead Ones, I am also showing drawings of dreams I had of my younger brother after he passed away, clay pieces, and printed goods.”
Dusadee Huntrakul

“To work with clay is exciting because form can move beyond thought. It doesn’t matter how disciplined and determined you are, somehow the set parameter is always flexibly flowing. In the end, it is nothing more than conversations between you and me, earth and people, one element and another. There is no principle – no beginning, no end.”
Dusit Huntrakul 

Some of the artists whose works are featured in the exhibition: Alicia McCarthy, Anne Walsh, Ariane Vielmetter, Adam Machacek, Ehren Tool, Katherine Sherwood, Liz Keegan, Nancy White, Nithi Huntrakul, Prateep Suthathongthai, Richard Shaw, Robert Smithson, and Sahar Khoury

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The Art Center

7th Floor, Center of Academic Resources (Central Library) Chulalongkorn University

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The Art Center
The Art Center

7th Floor, Center of Academic Resources (Central Library) Chulalongkorn University

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