Dharma Riddles in Contemporary Thai Painting

The Queen's Gallery -

Ended 25 April 2014
The Queen's Gallery

Likit Nisetanakarn and Surathin Tatana, 2 new coming artists from Lanna (Northern Thailand), gather 70 Thai traditional paintings to proudly present “Dharma Riddles in Contemporary Thai Painting & Painting of the Life of Buddha (Conventional Truth) Exhibition” passing on significant history of the Lord Buddha through their exquisite skills and identities at The Queen’s Gallery from March 1- 31, 2014.

Thai traditional painting has its own characteristic with finesse of arts that express the way of life, culture, custom, and the distinctly bond between the Thais and Buddhism as Likit Nisetanakarn and Surathin Tatana present in this exhibition.

Likit Nisetanakarn is a native of Lanna. In his childhood, he grew up in a unique cultural environment, with a superb craftsmanship and a beautiful language. This valuable experience, together with his personal gift brought him to study Thai Painting at Silpakorn University. His continuous determination to study and to do the creative works bring about an improvement of his paintings. Likit is a person who tends to express his powerful emotions. So, the topics he chose for his painting revolve around the powers and magic strengths mentioned in the Buddhist literature such as Confronting with Mara, The Anon Fish, The Erawan Elephant, The Chattan Elephant, The Great Monkey, The Great Lion, The Great Garuda and The Great Naga. These topics inspire him, give him imaginations, and allow him to express his deep and strong emotions on them. While his paintings bring us a strong emotional movement, they are nicely expressing the Thainess – the Lanna Folk Art and the personality of Likit himself.

Surathin Tatana was born in San Kamphaen District, Chiang Mai. His art education path began with the bachelor degree at Lanna Rajamangala University of Technology Payap Campus (Jedyod) where he met his upperclassman “Likit Nisetanakarn”. Suratin grew up in Lanna culture filled with generosity and spirit which he was touched by its beauty and value. Later on, he continued his study in Central Thailand, therefore, he was influenced by Lanna and Central mural paintings, Buddha Patachitra, images in Thai traditional long-book and trinity book. These inspirations was further developed during his master degree in department of Fine Arts, Silpakorn University, focusing in the belief in extraordinary to reflect moral and faith towards Buddhism. For this exhibition, Surathin uses Buddhist Doctrine of the conventional truth, constituted by the appearances of mistaken awareness, consisted with person, animals, objects, and places to express the truth of impermanent and the wheel of life that attached people to believe in things that are non-existence. These concepts were placed skillfully and meticulously with the artistic level of light and shade and fine arrangement of each composition in order.

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The Queen's Gallery

101 Thanon Ratchadamnoen Klang Road, Bangkok 10200 Bowonniwet.

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The Queen's Gallery
The Queen's Gallery

101 Thanon Ratchadamnoen Klang Road, Bangkok 10200 Bowonniwet.

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