Ended 28 April 2015
HOF Community - W District

Everything is changing in this modern society, the technology is impact on our life, it makes us to connect with others much easier, everything about communication is possible no matter who you are or where you are, on the other side, this massive digital trend has been flooding into our life, we share our emotions in this unreal world, not the real people surrounding us like before anymore.

“Connectivity” is the exhibition reveal the digital world changed our real life too much, highlighted the link between online society to the real world and present about the use of social media over the needs of the modern man. Other people can not motivate us to achieve much as cyberspace effects. Just sit in front of your computer and online .... Sarawut played the line in his abstract art just like the network technology version of people in the digital world. His specialty is a beautiful artwork of the lines, through the human eye.

Sarawut immerses himself in his work with steady determination, without showing off. Being truthful to the profession and honest about his abilities, he transmits through part abstractionism a story that satirises present society in a fascinating way.

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Tel: 02 178 0095  
Fax: 02 178 0096
E: [email protected]  


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Ends 28 April 2015

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HOF Community - W District

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HOF Community - W District
HOF Community - W District

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