Blood, Sweat and Rust

Sathorn 11 Art Space -

Ended 20 October 2015
Sathorn 11 Art Space

A First Solo Resident Exhibition at Sathorn 11 Art Space

BLOOD, SWEAT & RUST by Sarawut Thaichuai

Blood, Sweat, and Rust: the portrait of Thais working class is Sarawut Thaichuai first limited collection series. Sarawut is a young Bangkok artist that uses empathy to connect with his chosen subject’s emotion. This connection allows Sarawut to create his unique style of expressionistic work of art. His Avant Garde attitude has produced a new style of painting that he coined “Living Art”. Just like the working class subject in his work, the actual painting itself has a life span of 35 to 50 years, as times passes, the corrosive rust in which he mixes in his delivery eats away the painting and causing it to crack and flake. The self-destructiveness of his work is a reflection of the society that destroys the working class lives. Sarawut do not wish his painting to last forever, but to die away as his subject will . . . and be forgotten by society that these workers help built. The wonderful process of seeing this “living art” painting slowly “dies” is a new twist to the standard of what art should be.

“Why should my painting last forever… if the subject in my painting are slowly dying of oppression and depression? . . . . My art will die just like my subject will.” - Sarawut

The heavy brush stroke of thick oil paint mixed with toxic elements and rust that is painted on canvas slowly eats away the canvas and the oil pigment. The long natural process of living art will change the painting through the passage of time.

“As my paintings age, the rust will eat and chip away the pigments…. And the final result is a wonderful cracking leather-like dead canvas….” - Sarawut

The process of creating this “Living Art” series is toxic to the artist’s health, as a result Sarawat cannot continue with this series any longer. There are 12 pieces (oil/mixed medium) to this limited collection series and a must see.

Grand Opening Date: September 19, 2015 at 18:00 – 24:00

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Ends 20 October 2015

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Sathorn 11 Art Space

11 South Sathorn Road Bangkok Thailand

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Sathorn 11 Art Space
Sathorn 11 Art Space

11 South Sathorn Road Bangkok Thailand

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