Beg!! Borrow!! Steal!! ‘Borrow Man Fund’

Bangkok Citycity Gallery -

Ended 13 August 2017
Bangkok Citycity Gallery

Beg!! Borrow!! Steal!!

‘Borrow Man’ - Alternative crowdfunding for collective knowledge or whatsoever

Saturday, August 13th, 2017

14.30 - 18.00

At Bangkok CityCity Gallery, Sathorn 1, South Sathorn Road, Bangkok

If every human being has the same potential, how’d it be to acquire the same living standard?

Granting funds and opportunities to study, work and whatsoever always rely on ‘generosity’ from major companies, governmental sectors and capitalists. Such organizations normally create conditions, control, frame and limit certain ideas/methods to be in line with their agenda. The funds constantly become restricted to some who already have better living standard or close relationship with these organizations.

‘Borrow Man’ has been initiated to explore and offer alternative funding approaches, at cross-purposes with the same old format, in order to broaden opportunities through interdependence among small social units and open up for all to be able to perform as both provider and recipient.

We attempt to investigate and seek for diverse fundraising manners, including donation, exchanges, employment or even auctions. Mutual interchange is particularly taken into account that all partners must be benefited, one way or another. We intend to diversify the scope of exchanging opportunity in both local and international platform, and also plan to look for new approaches and opportunities, continually.

For the first Borrow Man’s funding trial, we have set to organize an art auction—a fundraising model to transfer the fund from one social unit to another, where everyone has equal chance to give and take. The gain from the auction will be granted to anyone who’s interested and attends Borrow Man’s workshop, to study about ‘collective’ formation in such strong art community as Yogyakarta, Indonesia, for a month; the rest will also be used for our future funds. This method also gives bidders an opportunity to support artists who join this fundraising procedure by submitting their exceptional artworks.

You are cordially invited to hear the Borrow Man’s manifesto and fundraising process announcement, and participate in art auction and various activities, at our launch party on August 13th, from 14.30 pm onwards.

Open Call // Scholarship : 'Collective in Yogyakarta’

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Bangkok Citycity Gallery

13/3 Sathorn 1, South Sathorn Road, Thung Maha Mek, Bangkok, Thailand 10120

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Bangkok Citycity Gallery
Bangkok Citycity Gallery

13/3 Sathorn 1, South Sathorn Road, Thung Maha Mek, Bangkok, Thailand 10120

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