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Ended 15 January 2017
YenakArt Villa

"Back to the Moon" by Sivadol Sitipol. Sculpture solo exhibition

Opening of the exhibition on Thursday 24th of Nov : 5 pm to 9 pm 

“Back to the moon” is the first solo exhibition of Sivadol Sitipol after the one he had at the National Gallery in Bangkok, in October 2006. During these last 10 years, the Thai sculptor, who is graduated from the most prestigious Thai art university, Silpakorn, was involved in a long-term project in India. But he never stopped bearing in mind his next personal project, creating continuously new artworks that he was keeping in his Kanchanaburi artist studio. “Back to the moon” is the encounter between his feeling that the new project had been completed and a gallery matching with his creations, YenakArt Villa.

“Back to the moon” will present 15 of Sivadol Sitipol's sculptures, from various sizes, up to 5 meters high, and from various materials: stone, marble, bronze, brass, metal, etc. The shapes are in the same time abstract and figurative, featuring the interactions between the artist’s sensibility, his environment and his beliefs, especially his strong Buddhist culture.

Initially, Sivadol Sitipol was using mostly stone, a material that can equally express softness and strength. But then he combined more and more the stone with metal or other natural materials, aiming for harmony or new interactions within his sculptures. All the materials he is using have a meaning or are linked to background stories. His shapes and dimensions are expressing feelings, from the most personal to the most universal. The creative process is driven by the following elements: perception and attitude towards what is surrounding us; the mind-set and the improvement of the way of thinking; the karma; the reality of the nature.

About the title of the exhibition:

"Whenever we think of the moon, we always think of full moon. Light represents brightness. Without light there is darkness. I want to discover the light that is illuminating the life of the human being. When I create my sculptures it is the journey on the path towards that light." Sivadol Sitipol

Artist’s statement:

“In Back to the Moon, I have created shapes and dimensions for helping the mind to open the door and follow the path towards the light of wisdom. These new shapes, in between figurative and abstract, are connected with the history, with the society, with the environment, but especially with the most personal elements like our mind. The sculptures are reflecting how the human being I searching for the answers within his mind and body to encounter new condition and feeling in the endless path of life.” Sivadol Sitipol

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Ends 15 January 2017

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YenakArt Villa

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YenakArt Villa
YenakArt Villa

69 Soi Prasat Suk, Bangkok, Thailand

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