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Ended 28 October 2015
Golden Tortoise

“Traces à part” (Aside the tracks)
Art Exhibition of Pascal Quennehen’s work at Golden Tortoise


Golden Tortoise is proud to announce an art exhibition with works by French artist Pascal Quennehen. Thirty-six of his works will be on view in the gallery.

The Opening ceremony will be held on Thursday September 24th 2015, from 7pm onwards.

About the artist

Born in France, French photographer Pascal Quennehen has been travelling since he was 15 years old. He is both a recognized photojournalist (Geo, L’Express, Liberation, Marie Claire, and many other publications) and a renowned portraitist. Pascal spent several decades travelling the globe working with his camera. In 2006 he decided it was time for him to leave a dying profession and to expand into new territories. Ever since, he has been working as an artistic photographer.

From all his travels around the world, Pascal Quennehen returned with one key lesson: you never get enough time when you want to grab people’s hearts. This is why, perhaps, his pictures are far more than snapshots: they catch the one moment bits, the transitory traces of an immutable time.

“Traces a part” include works from the American west to Jordan, Nepal to the Algerian desert, Moscow to Beijing or from a cigar factory in Miami to an ordinary street in Paris. His pictures represent the first stage of his photo journalist’s work. They are a single breath, an eye glance, a smile, a world of exchange. This is an image-deep truth: a photo is always a trace.

From his travels, he also returns with unusual objects: a prayer mat, a shawl, a corset, a hessian coffee bag, an American flag, a kimono, a range or a Nepalese tangka. “When I travel”, explains Pascal, “I am in search of adventures. I challenge my imagination to unearth the object which will greet my picture, or I’ll grab the picture that will best fit the fabric or the object”.

It’s only then that “each picture is digitalised on a rigid and flexible cover in taffeta or honeycomb”. At last, a Malaysian designer in Paris sews each printed proof on the material of the selected object. This creates a piece of art, of travel, an exotic flap, so many reconstructed memories.

All of this makes a work apart, a singular “frame-fabric”, born from the artist’s imagination who then involves the audience at the borders of reinvented worlds. Transitory traces of a merry, luminous, careful and poetic nomadism all at the same time.

There is in Pascal Quennehen, a side touch of Tintin, the boy reporter. More than a journalist, he is most certainly a very alert photographer. From his world tours, he retained and endorsed the words of a nomad in the Algerian desert, "You have the watch, we’ve got the time".

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Golden Tortoise

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Golden Tortoise
Golden Tortoise

100 Sukhumvit soi 49 Bangkok 10110

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