3P: People-Politics-Power

Rebel Art Space -

Ended 31 July 2014
Rebel Art Space

Opening reception (by appointment only contact Jiratti Bee K +6687 112 7774)
June 24th | 6:30pm

“Honorable Speaker”
“Dignitary members"

I am Mr. Woof Woof Woof, a woof member and a representative of the Woof province would like to debate…. “Stop barking you motherfucker, who’s your daddy now? Blurrgh Blahhh Bluargh

(Sound on TV was penetrated with the sound of a dog barking and people cursing and pull the attention away)

“Just got Back!!! What the hell, you won’t get home until after dark. Oh, Shitface!

“I strongly protest, Mr. Speaker”
“The Opposition member debate has alluded toward the Prime Minister”
“You Motherfucker, you sarcastically mocking me, you stupid idiot! I’m going to kick your ass!
“I request the member to withdraw the words, Mr. Speaker”
“If you are for REAL let’s get it on, don’t just say it. You Son of a Bitch!
(The sound of husband and wife intermixing with the sound on TV)
“I beg you to stop talking, otherwise I would turn off the microphone”, said Mr. Speaker.
“Are you challenging me”??? Woof Woof Wang Wang Woof Woof
“If you are FOR REAL DO NOT use FORCE. Aren’t you pride yourself as a man of knowledge? Your Bastard Your Son of a Bitch!
“I strongly protest, Mr. Speaker”
“Mr. Speaker, you are not strong, sir”
ah ah uh uh ah ah ah uh uh uh ah ah ah ah uh uh uh uh
The noise switch back and forth between man and dog and on TV till it is impossible to make out any word/ unlistenable.
“Fight like a dog bite, eat same pot of rice, I regret deeply on the tax money”
Suddenly, the TV owner broke out
The voice of the husband and wife of the house on the left and TV of the house on the right have quiet down.
The silence has entered the area. I demand for my personal space and drawing his attention back to his painting in front of him again.

Nation develop
Do it for Thai
Democracy blossomed
Protect our natural resources
Better quality of life
Access to utilities and basic healthcare
Standardize educational system
Reduce social inequality
Equal justice
Eliminate corruption and many more

These beautiful words are floating and switching back and forth with the drawing in front of me.
Chumpol Kamwanna
(Summer 2014)

Translate by: Varanrat Kuttanam

Rebel Art Space 
3P: People-Politics-Power

a solo exhibition by Chumpol Kamwanna
This exhibition is talking about the power of The Politic and the revolution in Thailand.
*The Siamese Revolution of 1932 was a crucial turning point in Thai history in the 20th century. The revolution or more accurately the coup d'état was a nearly bloodless transition on 24 June 1932, in which the system of government in Siam was changed from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy. The revolution was brought about by a comparatively small group of military and civilians, who formed Siam's first political party, Khana Ratsadon (Peoples' Party). The revolution ended 150 years of absolutism under the Chakri Dynasty and almost 700 years of absolute rule of Kings over Thai history. The Revolution was a product of global historical change as well as social and political changes domestically. The revolution also resulted in the people of Siam being granted their first Constitution.

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Ends 31 July 2014

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Rebel Art Space

10/5 Sukhumvit 67 Phra Khanong Bangkok Thailand

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Rebel Art Space
Rebel Art Space

10/5 Sukhumvit 67 Phra Khanong Bangkok Thailand

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