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Workshops- Bangkok International Improv Festival

Roadhouse BBQ -

Ended 02 December 2018
Roadhouse BBQ

Discover a new sense of freedom and play. Meet other fun and interesting people. Get away from the grind of the scripted city. Taking a workshop at the Bangkok International Improv Festival (29November-02 December) is the perfect way to unleash your creativity and learn more about yourself.

We are excited to have Michoel Burger giving a workshop here in Bangkok during the Bangkok International Improv Festival 2018.

Originally trained in UCB and the PIT in New York. Michoel has spent the past three years combining a nomadic lifestyle with a love for improv, performing, teaching, and learning across more than a dozen countries over five continents.

Michoel Burger Workshop Thursday night

Improv is play, that's why we're called players, right? Let's tap into the inherent fun of improv and learn to enjoy ourselves in practice and on stage.

All levels are welcomed. Come join us!

  1. Thursday, 29th November | 18: 00-20: 30
  2. Casa Azul | BTS Ari
  3. Fee: Early bird 500 baht | Door 800 baht

Come join us for the Musical Improv from Zmack Shanghai!

Join the Zmackers as they welcome their Musical Director LEE POPHAL, internationally-recognized musician, conductor, and improviser (and creator of Snap! Musical Improv) to share tips, tricks, and secrets of Musical Improv with you!

Lee, Snap! and the Zmackers have performed their unique brand of musical improv around the world. Based on the internationally-acclaimed Zmack Improv Philosophy and including unique vocal and rhythm techniques developed by Lee. This workshop is cofacilitated by Lee and CURT MABRY, founder of Zmack and creator of the Zmack Improv Training System. PLUS the Zmackers will join to help and play with YOU as you learn these valuable tools.

Join Lee and the Zmackers as they guide you through understanding your voice and rhythm and how they can support your scenes and teammates. Plus, you'll learn short-form improv games you can bring back to your team right away, and scenic musical techniques to enhance your team's existing work. You'll also receive an .mp3 backing track for a musical game your team can perform onstage.

Workshop is suitable for Improvisers with stage experience or an intermediate level of improv training. Class maximum size - 12 improvisers.

  1. Sunday, 02 December | 12:30- 15:30
  2. Roadhouse BBQ | BTS Sala Daeng | MRT Silom
  3. Cost: Early bird 1,000baht | Door 1,200baht

We are grateful to have Jonathan Pitts give a workshop at the Bangkok International Improv Festival.

Jonathan Pitts is an award-winning international improv artist from Chicago with over 30 years' experience. He was a producer, director, improviser, producer, and teacher, and he was also the Founder and Executive Director of Chicago Improv Productions.

He co-founded the Chicago Improv Festival and produced it for 20 years. He created and produced the College Improv Tournament for 10 years. He was a Teen Comedy Fest executive producer for 7 years. He is also the founder and producer of the Chicago Podcast Festival for the past 2 years.

He has internationally taught in 12 countries, as well as all over America. He's performed in over 1,250 improvised shows. He has created the improv shows, "The Make 'Em Ups," "The Oracle," "The Silent Movie," "Solo Plus One," "Stopwatch," and "Storybox Unscripted Theater."

He taught at The Second City for 16 years and he's a contributing writer to their book on improvisation. He taught improvisation at Piven Theater Workshop. He is also taught at 25+ American cities at regional improv fests and improv theaters.

For 3 consecutive years he was selected by New City Magazine as one of "Chicago's Top 50 Theater Players" and he's been interviewed about improvisation in books, newspapers, online posts, podcasts, radio, and TV.

Scene Work:

Chicago is famous for grounded, honest, relationship-based improvisation scene that produces deep laughs and deep sighs as the audience is moved to both. This style of work requires acting, listening, openness, patience, and responding through a shared process of giving and taking. This workshop will feature a deep dive into this two-person scene work that will bring improvisers discovery upon discovery. As those sharing the discoveries pile up, the scene improvised becomes deep, full and funny. It's the Chicago way.

  1. Saturday, 01 December | 13:00-17:00
  2. W District (Egg Theater Room) | BTS Prakanong
  3. Fee: Early bird 1,500 | Door 1,800

Jeff Ringgold is the owner of the American Improv Theater (AIT). He started his career more than 30 years ago in the SF Bay Area as one of the founding members of The San Jose ComedySportz, CSZ. He then moved to LA and played for CSZ in Santa Barbara and LA while still doing short form improv with CSz and National Comedy Theater, Jeff studied improv and graduated from iOWest. He became a member of their first house team. Jeff has studied improv in LA, Chicago, and New York and has been closely mentored by Del Close, who taught the likes of Bill Murray and Stephen Colbert.

Jeff Ringgold Workshop Friday night

The And of Yes And...
Too often, we put pressure on the first line of improv, when we should be free to say anything. The real magic comes in the response. The second line of dialogue can propel a scene into orbit, no matter what the first line is. Super Anding is an advanced skill that anyone can learn. Because its a skill that you can practice on your own, you will be able to walk away from the class with a skill that you'll keep improving. But it will change the way you view improv.

Come along And join us!

  1. Friday, 30 November | 18: 00-20: 00
  2. Casa Azul | BTS Ari
  3. Price: Early bird 1,200baht | Door 1,500 บาท

Jeff Ringgold Workshop Sunday

Enjoy The Silence:
Through a series of exercises, this workshop will help improvisers to become more comfortable with silence and using objects and the space to convey how their characters feel in scenes. Actions really do speak much louder than words.

Come Along and Join us!

  1. Sunday, 02 December | 15: 45-17: 45
  2. Roadhouse BBQ | BTS Sala Daeng | MRT Silom
  3. Price: Early bird 1,000baht | Door 1,500 บาท

All workshops are (18+ ) Adults Only! Early bird tickets are first come, first serve. Seats are limited! Act NOW.

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Jeff Ringgold has two workshops. Please check the listing. Workshops are at Casa Azul | Roadhouse BBQ

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Roadhouse BBQ

Roadhouse Barbecue Co.,Ltd. 942/1 Rama IV, Surawongse Rd.,, Bangkok, Thailand 10500

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Roadhouse BBQ
Roadhouse BBQ

Roadhouse Barbecue Co.,Ltd. 942/1 Rama IV, Surawongse Rd.,, Bangkok, Thailand 10500

View venue profile - Go to venue Website

+66 2 236 8010

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