The Dragon's Belly - Bangkok's Most Popular Chinatown Walking Tour

Hua Lamphong Railway Station -

Ended 01 July 2017
Hua Lamphong Railway Station

The Dragon's Belly?

Bangkok's Chinatown is the world's largest, most chaotic and also one of its oldest. The five original Chinese  'families' set up schools and hospitals alongside money lenders, gambling dens, prostitution houses, all internally policed by the Triads. Little India's community is very different, but no less turbulent. 

This walk will take you through two of Bangkok's oldest communities - Chinatown (known locally as 'Yaowarat") and Little India (known locally as 'Pahurat'). Historical intrigue, shadowy underground tales and superstitious legends are weaved through a narrative of comtemporary gossip, along a route full of market noises, exotic smells, colourful decorations and delectable food samplings, culminating in an explosion of the senses! Experience the chaos!

The walk at a glance


•  Thailand's one and only Prostitutes' Temple (real name!)
•  fortune teller (optional, +99 THB pay on site)
•  the wonderfully weird Old Market, full of exotic food
•  Bangkok's oldest Chinese shrine, older than the city
•  the city's best Phad Thai, traditionally served on banana leaf
•  a local herbal drink, for healthy body and mind
•  the enormous Sikh temple and its foundation
•  Chinatown's back streets - see how people live and work
•  step back in time at the city's most unique department store (you have never seen this!)
•  the one and only Hollywood of Thailand

Tickets (discounts for groups > 2 persons): 

•  Half day (min 2 people): 1590 THB adults - 1090 THB children


•  Half day (min 2): 8.00-12.00, every day

Walking Area and Meeting Point:

•  Walk starts near Hualampong Train Station (2 min walk from MRT station - see map below) - Google Maps coordinates:13.73882,100.516195
•  Walk finishes near the Old Siam, from where you can return to BTS/MRT via river taxi, or the guide can hail other transport for you and explain your destination to the driver - Google coordinates: 13.746680, 100.499607


•  Entrance tickets
•  Refreshments from selected vendors
•  Tour insurance


•  Personal shopping

Good to know:

•  Half day bookings need a minimum of 2 travellers per booking.
•  It is also possible to arrange a full day bucket-list tour by contacing the event organizer directly

The meeting point for HALF DAY TOURS (map below)

is in front of Hualampong MRT station exit 2. Clarification: there are 2 stations called Hualampong > the MRT station and the train station - they are not far apart and are connected through a corridor. The easiest way is to follow the coordinates on your Google Maps - they should take you within metres of the meeting point.

Take the MRT until Hualampong station. Take exit 2 (exit 2 and 3 can be easily confused!) and walk until the end of thecorridor, up the escalator, where you will meet the guide.

Should you be coming by different transport, just make your way to Hualampong Train station and wait at the MRT exit next to the train station. If you get lost at the train station, there is an English-speaking information desk - just ask for the MRT entrance.

Google Maps coordinates: 13.73882,100.516195

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Hua Lamphong Railway Station

Hua Lamphong Railway Station Rong Mueang Road Bangkok Thailand

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Hua Lamphong Railway Station
Hua Lamphong Railway Station

Hua Lamphong Railway Station Rong Mueang Road Bangkok Thailand

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