The Doomed Oasis Fest

The Overstay -

Ended 02 July 2016
The Overstay


On 2nd of July one of Bangkok’s biggest underground music event will take place at The Overstay Bangkok. The venue is a former brothel transformed into an alternative art space and guest house about 8 years ago. It marks an oasis for open-minded lifestyle next to the mainstream in Bangkok’s cultural landscapes. For this day the whole house with it’s five floors + roof top will turn into Bangkok’s most rebellious celebration of Arts & Music. With over 10 bands, 3 stages spread over the different floors including one dormitory, live art & D.I.Y. tattoos, retro video gaming and SNES tournaments, vegan BBQ and homebrewed IPAs, as well as big bottled beers for 100B, this will be the craziest party the city has to offer.
Come and celebrate creativity and freedom with us!

Entrance 150B at the door.

We organize this festival to help our friends in SPRING.FALL.SEA to cover their financial gap to make a dream come true. The band booked a 4 week long non-stop tour through Europe and is the last few Baht short for their flights. All door money will go straight towards their fund. We are not aiming for much and we don’t want to exclude anyone who doesn’t have any money. The idea is: if 50 people attend we get about 7.500B together which will help immensely.

The Overstay has been Bangkok’s flagship for creative & independent lifestyle for almost a decade now. It is run by a small crew welcoming anyone who is interested to be a part of their community. Having the walls covered in art and graffiti, the hostel usually contains of 5 floors of cheap accommodation. For this day we will re-structure the house:

Ground floor/1st Floor: Bar & Big Stage – “Main Stage”
- The Ginkz – probably Thailand's most progressive rock band you will find, unique!
- Born From Pain (TH) – oldschool hardcore and one of Thailands biggest bands of the genre 
- Monument X – straight edge hardcore punk a la Minor Thread
- One Color – the third band in the hardcore package for the day, put on your dancing shoes
- God Hates – 80s style punk with hardcore attitude, great message 
- Penny Time - grungy young rock-band taking over the stages of Bangkok at the moment

2nd Floor: Retro Video Games
We will transform this floor with sofas, fans, an old-school TV and a Super Nintendo, Atari & N64 into your childhood room. We will hold Mario Kart Tournaments and you can play whatever games your nostalgic nerd-heart is craving, we have a big selection of retro diamonds. 
Big shout-out to JAM for supplying the game consoles.

3rd Floor: “Newlights Stage” or “Post Stage”
- Hope the flowers – probably Thailand’s best Post-Rock ensemble available
- Spring Fall Sea – the band of the hour is in need of your support
- Phy – the most dancy and shoegazy band you can imagine, our personal favorites
- Earth&Universe – recently present in the i-tunes album charts, wow
- BaroqueSway – the newest addition to the Newlights package
All bands are part of the D.I.Y. label Newlights Production to collaborate and spread the word together, flooding Bangkok with goose bumps, dreamy melodies and slow rhythms since 2012.

4th Floor: Live Art & D.I.Y Tattoos
Hannah Theodorou Art will be making live art along with some friends. The upcoming solo artists from London has held solo exhibitions in the UK as well as in Thailand and is currently working on her new collection for a big event in August, watch out.
Street.By.Stylo is gonna join the artists crew! Excited!
Ayuyaan founder and The Overstay's favourtie artist Sweedx XAcid will be on board too! 
Some time maybe a year or two ago we started making fun little tattoos at The Overstay. We will provide you with professional tattoo ink & clean needles. If you always wanted to tattoo yourself or your friends, this is your chance. We will assist and guide you through this experience.

5th Floor:
TBA – this floor is mostly private rooms, we might leave this for the people sleeping through their jet lags or hangovers.

Roof Top: “Acoustic Stage” and vegan BBQ
- Kingkong and the Chum – delightful songs with a great message performed by BKK’s nicest Duo
- Jenny & The Scallywags - this group of motivated BKK musicians really put their name out this year and made it to the top of the Cat Radio Charts, impressive!
- John Will Saill – one of the main figures in BKK’s music scene nowadays, don’t miss out
- Clive Pendock Official – songwriter from South Africa and Spring.Fall.Sea bassist 
- 集団 パラリラ "Shudan Pararira" participated in one of the most famous rock contests in Japan, ro69jack in 2013 and won the second price, awesome!
We will also light up the grill and make cheap vegan food like Hot Dogs and other snacks, say no to meat for a day, no harm done & delicious 

After the live music is over we will have Deep Pressure spinning some Psy Trance tunes so you can party until the sun comes up! 
Dark, loud, fast & rythmic! 

This is a one-of-a-kind event bursting with artistic vibes - life can be lived in many ways, if you need a reminder of that: celebrate your freedom with like-minded people on 2nd of July.

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The Overstay

Located next to the 7/11 at on the corner of Charan Sanit Wong 40 (In Thai “Charan Sanit Wong See-Sip”)

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66 28834836
The Overstay
The Overstay

Located next to the 7/11 at on the corner of Charan Sanit Wong 40 (In Thai “Charan Sanit Wong See-Sip”)

View venue profile - Go to venue Website

66 28834836

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