Special Event with Venerable Ajahn Sucitto

Meeting Point -

Ended 10 January 2016
Meeting Point

Special Event with Venerable Ajahn Sucitto

VEN. AJAHN SUCITTO was born in London in 1949. Before entering monastic life, he graduated from England's University of Warwick with a degree in English and American Literature in 1971. He spent a few years following the lifestyle of the alternative culture of the time, before heading overland to India in 1974 on a spiritual quest. This eventually landed him in Thailand in 1975, where he was inspired by a meditation class in English in Wat Meung Maung given by an English monk, Phra Alan Nyanavajiro. Sensing an important turn in his spiritual journey, Sucitto entered the monastery where Phra Nyanavajiro lived: Wat Kiriwong in Nakhon Sawan. On 25 September he took samanera precepts and on 22 March 1976 he was ordained as a bhikku, both in Wat Potharam in Nakhon Sawan.

A chance sojourn at Wat Umong in Chiang Mai in December 1976 brought Ajahn Sucitto into contact with (now) Luang Por Sumedho, who was passing through Chiang Mai at the time. This was an auspicious encounter, as it prepared the ground for Ajahn to visit Luang Por in Hampstead when he visited England in 1978. Luang Por had taken up residence in the Hampstead Buddhist Vihara in 1977, and readily accepted Ajahn Sucitto as a disciple. Ajahn trained under Luang Por for much of the ensuing fourteen years.

[Venue : Suan Mokkh Bangkok - BIA is a 10 minute walk from the MRT Pahon Yothin Station (exit 3) and a 25 minute walk through the park from BTS Mochit Station.
MAP: http://goo.gl/maps/GkDI ]

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