Loy Kra Thong festival - Forest for life

Meeting Point -

Ended 08 November 2014
Meeting Point

Haven't heard about Loy Kra Thong festival in Thailand?

Explore  this community opening trip for Baan Hua Tung, Chiang Mai. Learn and make Kra Thong from locals. Experience simply way of life but unique of Lanna people. End your trip with Thai- Onsen where this happen naturaly in community area.  

  • Experience lifestyle of the locals
  • Learn their management in conserving the community forest.
  • Explore the village and go trekking in the community forest
  • Enjoy bathing in hot spring water at the village nearby.
  • Be a part of helping conserve environment and natural resources of the community by planting  bamboo trees, the economic tree of the community.
  • Learn about the production process of Kra Thong and float them together with your host family
  • See traditional performances arranged by the village youth group.

Price includes activities, housing, and food!

Hope to see you there, for complete itinerary http://localalike.com

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Ends 08 November 2014

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