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Ended 13 April 2015
The Yard Bangkok

Songkran food fest!!!
Cooking is joy. Cooking is fun. And it is easier than you think it is. Come and join us if you love to cook or want to start it at some point. 

    Songkran is Thai new year which is well known for water festival. It is a very long holiday in Thailand. So most of Thai people go out of Bangkok. But if you are here in Bangkok , Let’s celebrate by COOKING AND EATING together in a very nice yard of Bangkok.

What would we do?
-We would cook something and eat it all together!!!  It would be like a potluck party we made during Christmas last year. But it would be a Thai theme and have a fun eating game as well.

-I would make green curry with Kanomjean(White noodle) or steamed rice with another 1-2 Thai menus that I still decide.

-Risa , one of our guest leader , would make Japanese dishes for us as well. Maybe an easy sushi or Japanese home cooking menus. 
-If you want to cook your dish. You could bring ingredients to cook at the event. But you have to let me know what you would make in a budget of 200Baht or more. So I could keep updating on this page. If you have no idea what you would do. So you could buy some of to join us in a budget of 200Baht or more. Another option is you could pay us 200Baht and we would buy more ingredients and let you cook with us. We would have a picnic gas + oven from my hometown for us to cook!!!

KINWIBARK or Food adventurous game!!!

 This is a Thai kid game. We always play it when we were a child. But after we turned 20s. We haven’t played it anymore. So let’s play it again if you want to. If not you could watch and laugh. The hostel would set this game for us.

How to Join?

 Please bring foods value 200Baht or more.
You could join us by paying a fee of 150Baht. It would use as a kitchen fee + lot of ice + Juice + soft drink. You could bring your own alcohol or there are alcohol selling by the hostel.
    And please bring foods to share with us in value of 200Baht or more. It is possible as well if you want to buy ingredients and cook here. But let me know what you gonna make and I would put it on this post. Another option is pay us 200Baht and we would shop more ingredients to cook. It’s all up to you…..

   Let’s having fun by cooking and eating together with lot of water provide!!!

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The Yard Bangkok

51,Phahonyothin 5,Phahonyothin Rd., Bangkok, Thailand

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The Yard Bangkok
The Yard Bangkok

51,Phahonyothin 5,Phahonyothin Rd., Bangkok, Thailand

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