Bangkok Public Service Jam 2015

TCDC (Thailand Creative & Design Center) -

Let’s jam if you are one of those wishing to see improvement in transportation service all around Bangkok; whether it is a ‘safe’ bike lane, fluorescent in back alley, patient-friendly hospital system or road-rage-free traffic. 

No matter what your profession - an architect, designer, engineer, accountant, mathematician, doctor, lecturer, postal worker, university student or mom and dad - if you share enthusiasm in public sector service or service design, TCDC cordially invites you to the “Bangkok Public Service Jam 2015”. Creatively driven public servant is heartily welcome. 

Bangkok Public Service Jam is a 48-hour idea-bouncing session from diverse professions. We are open for ideas from all to bring out talent, expertise and energy. The goal is to come up with new public sector service. Your creatively created service might or might not be put into practice. But you will definitely enjoy the process, see how far it goes when high-energy people jam, and learn “Service Design” through implementation. 

Are you ready to “jam” with us? 
You definitely are, if you ….. 
- enjoy teamwork 
- can communicate in Thai (the jam will be conducted in Thai) 
- are open to new people 
- are receptive to new ideas 
- have high energy and are ready for creation 
- are from any professions 
- are over 20 years of age 
- can jam with us from 9-11 June 2015 (Please see below timetable) 

9 June 2015 
14.00–17.00    Intensive course on Introduction to Service Design 
17.00-18.00     Get to know the “The Jam: what is it, what will we jam?” 

*Remark: Introduction to Service Design program is a 3-hour intensive course in Service Design basic. The program is for those who are new to Service Design. Knowledge and tools introduced in the class will be used in the jam. Please be noted that no introduction to service design will be provided on the main days of the jam.  

10 June 2015 
10.30-17.00     Time to ‘jam’ with Service Design tools 

11 June 2015 
10.30-17.00     Jammers present their prototype 

What is Bangkok Public Service Jam 2015? 
Bangkok Public Service Jam 2015 held by TCDC, is a part of Global GovJam, the worldwide “idea jam session” globally organized on the same date & time. This event is rooted from the Global Service Jam focusing on government and public sector service. For 48 hours, the jammers will be divided into small team bouncing ideas off one another under the same theme. The goal is to find creative solutions to the problems encountered by the government and public sectors. At the end of the jam, the prototype will be uploaded to the globe. 

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Ends 11 June 2015

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TCDC (Thailand Creative & Design Center)

The Grand Postal Building 1160 Charoenkrung Road, Bangrak Bangkok 10501

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TCDC (Thailand Creative & Design Center)
TCDC (Thailand Creative & Design Center)

The Grand Postal Building 1160 Charoenkrung Road, Bangrak Bangkok 10501

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